National Book Festival promises to be a ‘holistic cultural experience’


  This feature first appeared on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section. International authors, a competition for debut writers, book launches, exhibitions, film and myriad other activities are set to transform this year’s edition of the recently-revamped National Book Festival into a holistic cultural experience that should get the most committed non-reader to rethink […]


Older students, better workforce?

Schools Education - apple

An edited version of this post was published on Education minister Evarist Bartolo has just mentioned the unmentionable: raising the compulsory school-age from 16 to 18. A proposal that I applaud, because I genuinely believe that the more emotionally mature you are when you’re ‘kicked out’ of the system, the greater the likelihood of […]


Putting a muzzle on artists


An edited version of this post appeared on About a month ago, a number of DJs who were scheduled to play during the Earth Garden festival were stopped from doing so in a move that was more reminiscent of North Korean tactics than the European democracy we so love to shout about when it […]


Arts and matriculation: FAIL


An edited version of this post was published on So the advanced and intermediate matriculation results were published yesterday. I won’t go into detail about the worrying figures with respect to traditional subjects like maths and Maltese, because the excellent editorial on today’s Times of Malta said it all. I will, instead, focus on […]


VIVA ż-Żieme


Super excited this morning to see tons of people taking shots of Austin Camilleri’s sculpture for VIVA, Malta’s first contemporary art festival. Titled Żieme.  it will be officially launched, together with JP Azzopardi’s Power Exchange and Victor Agius’s Genesis, this weekend. You can view Żieme as you walk inside Valletta. Also, make sure you get […]


Aes Dana & Cygna interviewed

Ħaġar Qim. Photo Studio Seven

This interview was first published on The Sunday Times. Following a hypnotic experience at Ħaġar Qim two years ago, French DJ, composer and sound engineer Vincent Villius – better known as Aes Dana – is collaborating once again with Mario Sammut (artistically known as Cygna) for a second live performance in Malta. The two artists’ […]


Everyone’s win


It felt good yesterday to be present during such a historical moment for Malta. Equal rights for everyone, and an inclusive society are two causes that have always been close to my heart, and not just with respect to gay issues but across the board. Equality and non-discrimination are two principles that should form the […]


Presidential hostages?

I had been wondering for a while what on earth parliament is waiting for before it finalises the Civil Unions Bill. Now I have my answer – apparently President George Abela refuses to sign it, so we need to wait for the current presidential term to come to an end before we can take a […]


How the South was won


Three days, 31 acts and two stages translated into one massive celebration of non-mainstream music – Rock the South 2014. All photos by Sarah Falzon. Once a year, the south comes alive with the sound of music. Only, it’s not the Julie Andrews kind, but a rollicking fusion of punk, rock, indie, ska, hip hop […]


It’s just culture, right?

Francesca Todde

An edited version of this opinion piece was first published on The Sunday Times of Malta. Opinions are free to air, but should not go unchallenged. Last week, the V18 Foundation announced that it is using a percentage of its budget to help organise an international football league. Many disagree. Now that excitable emotions have […]