Review: Two Heads and a City

The City is pretty and so are u

From the crazy kitsch to the downright thrashy, Nadine Noko’s exhibition, Two Heads and a City, brings Valletta to life. I have always been a fan of Nadine Noko’s intriguingly quirky designs. I approached her solo exhibition at The Splendid, however, with an extra dose of anticipation. As part of the title itself, Two Heads […]


The night Valletta comes alive


Notte Bianca returns on Saturday, and with it a new artistic director, SEAN BUHAGIAR. He tells us what’s in store. Photo Steve Mugliett. Notte Bianca, the one night in the year when the capital comes alive with a multitude of performances, exhibitions and events, is set to take a new direction this year. Not so […]


Peter Andre culture? Ab-solutely not.


Culture must be one of the most misunderstood words ever. For some, it is synonymous with pretentiousness, with the so-called artsy fartsy crowd, the pseudo-intellectuals. For others it is equivalent to a skip, a catch-all phrase that captures even the most dubious entertainment endeavours. I’m not sure which is worse. What I do know, however, […]


Something to make me jealous this morning…

Cruise Liner arrives at Valletta port

Walking into Valletta on the way to work this came into view. Lucky, lucky tourists who get to spend the day just meandering around the city. Unless Capitan Schettino happens to be at the helm, of course.    


Upper Barrakka lift in Valletta

valletta lift in progress

Works on The Upper Barrakka lift


Why I love working in the city on a public holiday

View of Sliema from Hastings Gardens in Valletta, Malta

Getting to my office on a normal workday is usually a nightmare. Valletta, capital city of Malta…beautiful, magical and sadly infested with the traffic gremlins. Not today. September 8 is a religious public holiday on the island. I can’t for the life of me remember which saint we’re honouring…religion isn’t my forte. But the acutal […]


Plangent Rain

Dark, desolate and dreary, Plangent Rain (original title, Daqqet ix-Xita) offers a concise but effective tribute to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Director Kenneth Scicluna tells us more . Set in the atmospheric, narrow streets of Valletta and inspired by Soviet director Grigori Kozintsev‘s 1964 production of Hamlet, the Lighthouse +Ashley movie already made waves some months ago […]