Nobody wanted to leave

twilight matt

This review was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section. Two recent acoustic performances by Scottish post-punk band The Twilight Sad at St James Cavalier, Valletta, did a lot to restore my faith in local demand for what I like to call non-popcorn music events. The band, which won the award for […]


Generation Goth – an aftermath

For all those of you who read my blog about Malta’s first gothfest, Generation Goth turned out to be a massive success. Which is great news not just for the organisers, but also for those of us who have serious hopes for an across-the-board alternative scene in Malta. Not that we don’t have our fair […]


Super hero, Super bizarre

I’m usually not one for superhero movies. Yes, I thought we’d already established I’m not normal, right? There are three spectacular exceptions to this statement. I mean the one about superhero movies, not the one about being normal. There are no exceptions to that. So, the exceptions: Ironman, the Christopher Nolan Batmen (Batmans?) and Kickass. […]