Watch: Three Palaces Festival – It’s all happening online

Three Palaces Festival 2020 kicks off soon, and artistic director Michelle Castelletti has some exciting news to share.

Festival Malta’s Three Palaces Festival is one of the biggest dates on the music calendar in Malta. Known for not only serving up a delectable menu of classical and contemporary music, it is also an opportunity to enjoy the splendour of some of the island’s most gorgeous historical palaces.

Enter 2020, when COVID-19 has changed the entire cultural landscape as we know it. The worry was, of course, that we would have to miss out on our yearly appointment. But no, the Three Palaces Festival is very much happening and – what’s more – it’s all going to be streamed directly into our living rooms.

Of course, I wanted to know more, so I jumped onto a Zoom call with Artistic director Michelle Castelleti, who explained that audiences will still get to immerse themselves into the exquisite backdrops we have all grown to love. Each event on the Three Palaces Festival menu has been carefully curated and will be filmed on location and streamed live on Facebook.

Among the locations we will get to vicariously visit, we find the Museum of Archeology, St John’s Co-Cathedral, the Valletta Campus Theatre, San Anton Palace (under the patronage of H.E. President George Vella) – however, these are but a few, so do take a look at the programme.

The Three Palaces Festival takes place between November 6 and November 15, with all events kicking off at 8PM and finished at 9PM. A full programme can be found on the official Festivals Malta website. All events are free of charge and will be streamed on Facebook.

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