Socialists, Rise Up


All Socialists should be Angry AF right now

This black rectangle describes exactly how I feel. And the revelations by Lovin’ Malta barely five minutes ago make it a 1000 times worse.

I was raised a socialist. 

I grew up believing in the fundamentals of socialist freedoms.

I was born to a working class family, when the term socialism meant something real.

When it was easy to see the difference that socialist principles could make to a worker’s life.

Today, maybe, we are used to basic rights like decent working conditions and state aid for those who need it. 

But socialism remains a necessary. It is what keeps capitalism from growing into unchecked greed.

It is what keeps the rich from riding roughshod over the rest of us common mortals.

Or rather, that is what socialism is supposed to do.

What Malta’s supposedly socialist party is doing right now is the opposite of socialism.

And this is why I am baffled when I see socialists praising the current clusterfuck that is our government.

Socialists, rise up.

Stop defending the indefensible and cut away the rot.

Make it known that you do not accept the current state of affairs. Stop making excuses for those who have no excuse.

You should be angry.

You should be So Fucking Angry.

I do apologise, as I don’t normally like to pepper my writings with strongly worded language. But, strong situations require it.

The events of the past weeks have been shocking. 

The events of the past 24 hours go beyond shocking.

I see journalists locked up, and crooks and murderers walking free.

I see protestors chased down the streets by thugs.

I see a small gang of untouchables continuing to roam with impunity despite mounting proof against them.

The party that is meant to have our back betrayed us all.

Is this the new socialism? Offshore bank accounts and a chillingly Orwellian rule?

Locking up the press with a bunch of heavyweights barring their way? 

Looking the other way while those who criticise the powerful are executed or otherwise silenced?

The rising star of 21st century PL seemed to shine so bright. Especially for a liberal like me.

There was hope of a new, freer society. We saw LGBTIQ rights soar. We saw a bigger sepation between church and state.

No one told us about the price we would have to pay.

Well, one person did. And she was killed.

“Some animals are more equal than others.”

How far off from our reality that quote seemed when I first read it. It was like reading about something completely alien to modern Western politics.

Not so alien now, huh? 

My heart breaks to see Malta turn into a state where civil liberties and general decency have become a whore to the rich.

What I witnessed last night was horrific.

3AM press conferences. Were they hoping we would all be sleeping it off, that everything would go unnoticed?

Heavies guarding journalists. So many questions.

Were the men barring the doors at Castille yesterday OPM employees? The official statement is that they weren’t.

Were they employed by the Partit Laburista? Again, the official statement is that they weren’t.

Lovin’ Malta reports that they have “been identified as private individuals with sympathies towards the Labour Party“.

Who gave them the order to detain journalists?

Who gave them access to Castille, one of the highest seats of power in the country?

Will someone tell us what is happening to this country?

Yesterday’s statement by the Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb, said it best: “the heavy shadow of the Office of the Prime Minister having been implicated in the investigation for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia”.

Because the Prime Minister can talk about this mythical ‘proof’ till the cows come home.

The people are not stupid. We have all the facts we need. The shadow of murder is unquestionably present, haunting the OPM. No matter how the whole disgusting story ends.

We have all the proof we need, thank you.

We want justice NOW. There is no ending that allows Malta’s OPM to emerge out of this disgusting mess with zero blame.

Prime Minister, please do the right thing. Resign. Make space for the rebuilding of a party and the rebuilding of a country.

There is really no excuse for staying on. The damage to Malta continues with every passing day.

Resign before you drag Malta down with you. More than you already have.

4 thoughts on “Socialists, Rise Up

  1. Well said, but the problem is that those thugs will never see their day in court for illegally occupying that room in Castile and withholding the journalists from leaving. Who allowed them in? who told them what to do? now we will face the wrath of journalist’s unions as well. Keep on shoving Malta’s name in the mud you fuckers.

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