This Series of MPO Online Recitals Brings Us All the Feels

MPO online recitals

Chamber Fridays air weekly and are set in some of Malta’s most poignant locations

Chamber Fridays, part of the MPO online recitals (Malta Philharmonic Orchestra) are streamed every Friday at 7PM and are the perfect antidote for those of us missing our dose of classical music. 

The series of online recitals not only features musicians from Malta’s national orchestra – which basically means you’re getting world-class performances delivered straight into your home that many would give an arm and a leg to access.

Only, we don’t have to because… thank you MPO.

The MPO online recitals are set in what the orchestra describes as ‘poignant locations around Malta’, which I suspect are going to trigger quite a number of memories and make us all start questioning why ‘normal’ hasn’t yet returned.

Locations include the Robert Samut Hall – the orchestra’s home – and the concerts seek to convey music  to audiences through the digital media platforms.

The series on MPO online recitals kicked off last Friday and is set feature chamber formations in a wide array of musical works, showcasing “the charm of classical music directly to homes”, to use the words of Sigmund Mifsud, MPO Executive Chairman.

This initiative forms part of the MPO’s Online Programme as the orchestra diversifies its music-making in view of COVID-19. In fact, this isn’t the first such initiative from our national orchestra, which has been particularly busy in these times of much stress and much anxiety for many of us.

However, these streaming online sessions from various local culture organisations do go a long way towards helping us reconnect with the outside world, so kudos to all who are accompanying the national orchestra’s digital footsteps with initiatives of their own.

Back to classical music – other MPO online projects have included #MPOTuesdays, which see the streaming of works that were already performed by the orchestra in recent concert seasons.

MPO online recitals

Thursdays bring with them something different, with features that focus on classical music, tackling a wide array of subject-matters and offering a more educational angle.

In addition, on Sundays, mini-biographies of some of the orchestra’s pioneering figures are re-presented, so if you’re into classical musical you literally have multiple choices every week.

And if you’re not, maybe now is the time to find out more!

Happy listening.

Want to learn more about local classical music endeavours? How about checking out this feature about the yearly appointment with the Valletta International Baroque Festival – roll on the good times.

You can also take a walk down memory lane with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra’s amazingly well-attended premier of Strauss’s Sinfonia Domestica.

Or even enjoy a gorgeous sand-animation of Valletta set to music performed by this talented orchestra.

And if you’re more into a book frame of mind, do check out Beltin: Stejjer Minn Nies Minsija by yours truly. You can get it delivered straight to your doorstep thanks to a Merlin Publishers initiative for contactless delivery.

Happy listening and/or reading with the MPO online recitals!

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