Meta ma jkollokx żejt f’wiċċek

Joseph Muscat resigns

Maltese, what a beautiful language. Much as I enjoy writing in English, sometimes you just need to employ a good, bombastic Maltese idiom to make your feelings crystal clear.

He has no shame just doesn’t quite cut it.

The ‘he’ in question being Joseph Muscat, of course.

I had zero hopes that Muscat would actually resign immediately. The writing was on the wall from day one. HRH would only resign when convenient to him, which turned out to be mid-January.

And never mind that he has the majority of Europe making facepalms and telegraphing WTFs at the unbelievable brass neck on him.

But even so, the confirmation that he won’t be immediately giving up his parliamentary seat even after he resigns is just incredible.  I mean, there is clinging to power and then there is total dissociation from reality. I think we have officially crossed the border into the latter territory.

Which begs the question. Why?

What makes Joseph Muscat claw at the little power that remains, at the cost of… well pretty much everything really. And that everything includes the welfare of an entire country.

So, possible reasons why Joseph Muscat continues to cling on to his seat. Here are my favourite three.

Pure cocciutagni. There’s another Maltese/Italian beauty. Sheer ego and hard-headedness. He stays on because he thinks he can, and he isn’t about to start taking orders from anyone, thank you.

He has genuinely lost the plot and believes he is bigger than the system. He has always been prone to a bad case of ‘let them eat cake’, after all. Egged on by a wife who suffers – and makes us all suffer – from an ill-judged sense of grandeur.

He is scared and is relying on parliamentary privilege to continue plodding along until an escape route is finalised. In this case, the next question would be: scared of who, what, why?

The above is all conjecture, of course. This next one isn’t, though.

He certainly is not staying on in the interest of Malta.

Or in the interest of the Labour Party. In fact, he is pretty much screwing over the party as much as he is the country.

Do correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the primary function of a Member of Parliament to serve his country?

The fact that Joseph Muscat doesn’t feel like he has to make a pretence at this is very worrying. It simply confirms how openly messed up the entire system has become.

Because I cannot imagine a scenario where Muscat can claim that the country will benefit from his decision to keep his seat. Not with a straight face, certainly.

So pray, enlighten us.

Why is it so important to hang on to the very last dregs of power for as long as you can?

M’għandux żejt f’wiċċu, dak żgur.

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PS – photo is courtesy of the inimitable Steve Bonello.

12 thoughts on “Meta ma jkollokx żejt f’wiċċek

  1. What even more problematic is that about half of the sheep out there see nothing wrong in this . They still believe he is the greatest thing to happen in this country since sliced hobz that malti

    1. You are so right my friend! They are such a dumb lot! It’s so sickening! Whatever he says or does is ‘sacred bible’ to them .. their eyes are open but they refuse to see! Incredible!!

  2. What’s good for the goose is bloody well good for the gander. With the latest piece about Ivan Camilleri and his involvement with Yorgen Fenech, the Times board of directors and the PN leadership (given Camilleri’s intimacy with PN) should resign, investigated and have their assets frozen. After all DCG’s target just days before her assassination were Adrian Delia and the PN. Wouldn’t you agree Miriam? After all

  3. There is another reason.
    Him being in the Labour Parliamentary Group entitles him to attend any meeting they hold, knowing that none of them has the balls to face him right on. Once he is not around they might get some ‘strange’ ideas and pluck up the courage to be frank and sincere.

  4. I cant believe what your saying I, i dont know why he resigne in the first place . We still love our prime minister like we previously did, but you knew you would never win an election with him as Prim Minister

  5. The answer lies in the fact that for his hamalli friends, he’s their GOD. The GOLDEN BOY of CORRUPTION, but what do they care if he’s screwingthem millions!!!🤮🤑🐀

  6. Great, Last news coming from President and Adrian Delia is that the Prime Minister could be removed from his post only when he loosees majority and support in parliament Maybe somebody tell me what happened between 2008 and 2013 with Lawrence Gonzi as P.M

  7. I’M afraid he signed up with the devil, the same that Britain have just escaped from , sadly he has his toes in too deep , he is doing the bidding of others ( No Name ) . For him it’s like a nightmare ..

  8. For sure what you are saying to say what they are saying li marbut mas siggu Tal potter like wise they are not happy with Joseph resigning they want to govern Malta but in there dreams. They have Delia as Simons puppet, and who wants to talk about corruption when they were in the government all the corruption they made, off shore companies they had so what the hell are they talking all about.

  9. Why is the prime minister resigning? I voted him in because he promised me good honest governance, free from corruption and criminality. I voted him in so as to lead the country for the full term and not to abdicate half way through the legislature. I had full faith in him like the many thousands like me. He has betrayed us and the country. He is a traitor. He definitely let us down.

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