Theatre Review: L-Interrogazzjoni


L-Interrogazzjoni blurs the lines of reality and superbly messes with our heads When I first read that Alfred Buttigieg’s L-Interrogazzjoni would be held in a private villa, instead of the usual theatre space, I had two reactions. I was intrigued,… Read moreTheatre Review: L-Interrogazzjoni

WATCH: A murder, a cover-up… sounds familiar?


Teatru Malta’s L-Interrogazzjoni is scripted by a writer who is no stranger to controversy. Writer Alfred Buttigieg is no stranger to creating controversy, and Teatru Malta’s L-Interrogazzjoni promises to add more. I’m sure that by now he gets tired of… Read moreWATCH: A murder, a cover-up… sounds familiar?

When prostitution is the only way to live

More or Less Theatre Wahda Minnha

Overhearing a woman casually describing her teenage daughter’s suicide opened the eyes of theatre power-couple Angele and Malcolm Galea to a life that was completely alien to them. The result is a real-life play that tackles three generations of Maltese… Read moreWhen prostitution is the only way to live