The seance is still on

seance malta

Dr Thomas Craig’s theatrical seance simply moved to a new location

Of course, I had to wait till All Hallow’s Eve to remind you of this.

So, remember your chance to be part of a Ouija board? Relax – it’s all theatrical and no-one is expecting the devil to show up.

However, clearly the spirits have already been hard at work pulling pranks and a new location has now been announced. The theatrical seance will now be taking place at the Sargeant’s Mess in Paola – and not at the crypt at St Dominic’s Church in Valletta, as previously advertised.

Well, no-one saw that one coming, right? (Ahem.)

The event is being organised by CurtainRaiser. I feel compelled to warn you that if you take things too seriously, then maybe this is not the event for you!

Catch Dr Thomas between October 31 and November 3 at Sergeant’s Mess in Paola. For tickets click here.

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