Watch: Riley’s Manic Magic, ŻiguŻajg 2020

Welcome to Riley’s Manic Magic, an interactive dance performance that follow the adventures of a little girl as her 10th birthday plans go awry.

Time for another ŻiguŻajg catch-up, as Malta’s arts landscape is totally on fire, and this time we have a chat with two members from the production team of Riley’s Manic Magic – Moveo Dance Company’s artistic director Dorian Mallia and choreographer and concept creator Patsy Chetcuti.

Welcome to Riley’s Manic Magic – a birthday party with a difference. Riley’s turning 10 and, of course, big celebrations are planned! Only, what happens when no-one turns up? Every kid’s (well, and many adults’ too, if we’re being completely honest) nightmare, right?

You’d think that a disaster is in the works. But no. Riley’s Manic Magic has it all planned out. Cue some sorcery, a lot of mayhem and a heck of a tonne of smoooooth moves.

Click on our video interview and see what Dorian and Patsy have to say about it all – and if you think that dance is something that will only be enjoyed by those who know what’s what… well, think again! Riley’s Manic Magic is all about entertainment, movement, a little bit of education and engaging the viewers, so don’t be scared of joining in the fun.

And by the way, yup – Riley’s Manic Magic is actually an interactive performance, so there’s something for everyone who is watching to join in. Although screen writer and first assistant director Cassi Camilleri couldn’t join us for this video, she did have this to tell us:

“When Moveo and Patsy approached me with the project, the concept was a live dance performance centred around the theme of gratitude. Given the events of the year, the format of the show needed to adapt, but its heart definitely didn’t.

“2020 has been nothing if not *the* year for us all to look at our lives and take stock of the things that truly matter. While things might not be going according to plan, there is still a lot to be grateful for. There might even be a chance that what we have is better than what we thought we wanted in the first place. This is the journey for Riley’s Manic Magic,” Cassie says.

The 20-minute online performances have already kicked off, and you will find a full schedule on the ŻiguŻajg official site!

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