Lighten up folks, it’s just Halloween

About Halloween

Halloween panic didn’t take too long to hit the cyber-waves this year. Last year we had a parish priest sending an apocalypse-now style missive to the parishioners; feeding pumpkin pie to your kids while they’re wearing a witch’s hat, we were told, is tantamount to selling their souls to the devil. Well, fine he didn’t […]


Stumped for Halloween? Rocky Horror is your answer


Earlier last week my thoughts turned to musicals and the polarised reactions they tend to provoke in people. Maybe it’s because I recently watched Grease, the movie, for the umpteenth time and couldn’t help thinking that it might be fun to actually see the original, live version. Yes, I can be very cheesy in my […]


Halloween special III: 3 movies guaranteed to scare the crap out of you


It’s the one night in the year when the ghosts come out to play…or so popular legend has it. So you’ve decided to ignore the egg-hurling crowds of kids that are threatening to break through your doorway in their hungry search for candy. Wise move – Halloween last year found me naively answering the doorbell, […]


Halloween Special II: My playlist

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware that celebrating Halloween is as clichéd as Helvetica but it sure is fun. So I’ll leave all the partypoopers (including the parish priest of Balzan) to stew in their own blood, erm, juice and do what I’ve always done. That is, have fun and do as I please. Hence […]


Halloween special I: 3 things I find scarier than ghosts

1. Screaming kids at the coffee-shop: Ghosts tend to be pretty silent. Screaming kids, very evidently, are anything but. And they tend to haunt my favourite cafes with more enthusiasm than any tortured soul could possibly haunt my bedroom. I usually view coffee-shops as potential sanctuaries where I can spend a peaceful half hour just […]