From Gorillaz to Tank Girl


Comic book artist Rufus Dayglo’s work is a pop culture geek’s dream. I interviewed him ahead of his participation at Malta Comic-Con. Interview was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section. His body is a testament to his passion for comics. Strips from the Silver Surfer are tattooed on his right arm. On the left […]


East meets west through manga

She is most well-known in Europe for her adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s book Confessions of a Shopaholic to manga. But artist and story-writer Yishan Li’s versatile style is appreciated both across east and west and ranges from traditional Japanese manga to the more modern style that western audiences tend to enjoy. Li is one of […]


Let there be the Con


A tad later than usual, but here it is – my annual Malta Comic-Con post. It turned out to be a super stormy weekend this time round, which gave me happy memories of the very first edition of the Con, back in 2009 if I’m not mistaken.  At the time, I wasn’t yet really aware […]


Malta Comic Con: Charlie Adlard interviewed

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 An edited version of this interview was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta. Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead know that there’s only one thing better than the television series – and that is the comic version.  I had a chat with CHARLIE ADLARD, the illustrator who brings the original characters to life, […]


Why I love Malta Comic-Con


Every so often, the fictional characters I love to follow, sort of spring to life. Well, maybe that’s pushing it but it certainly feels that way when the Malta Comic-Con comes by. Think of all your favourite super-heroes – Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America…and chances are that if you drop in at […]


Geeks, pop culture and super-heroes


The fourth edition of Malta Comic-Con hits Malta next weekend, bringing together a veritable fleet of international and local industry heavyweights. I got a sneak preview from one of the organisers, Christopher Muscat.   Gone are the days when ‘comics’ were considered the poor cousin of bona fide books. Used to be a time when […]


Malta Comic Con is back!


Geeks and nerds all across Malta are getting ready for the third edition of MaltaComicCon, which – if last year’s response is anything to go by – is no longer the purview of a niche market but is getting anyone with a smidgen of imagination all excited. I met up with artist Chris Le Galle, […]