It’s just culture, right?

Francesca Todde

An edited version of this opinion piece was first published on The Sunday Times of Malta. Opinions are free to air, but should not go unchallenged. Last week, the V18 Foundation announced that it is using a percentage of its budget to help organise an international football league. Many disagree. Now that excitable emotions have […]


Culture: water the wasteland


Perhaps to no-one’s surprise, the Maltese have once again been officially defined as cultural philistines, with our participation scoring the second lowest in Europe ( Embarrassing, but expected, as anyone who is somehow involved in the arts – whether as participant, organiser or from the side of the media, like me – will tell you. […]


Why we are turning into a bunch of uncultured dullards

meme about maltese lack of love for cultural events

Let’s move away from the political circus and back to real life, for a change. We have just been informed that more than half of Maltese are not interested in cultural events. Well, not unless they are being organized free of charge, anyway. In which case you can bet your last gas cylinder (in this […]


What I learnt from Notte Bianca

Notte Bianca came and went.  The public saw and conquered. Lessons were learnt and fun was had. Those of you expecting an ‘oh woe is us the organisation sucked’ kind of post will be disappointed. As far as I’m concerned it was a job well done, the kind that deserves a pat on the back […]