I write, I listen to good music, I drink good wine, eat good food, read good books… you get the picture. Contact: ramonadepares@gmail.com.

What you’re likely to find here: Anything that I find intriguing, which is likely to include the latest movies/TV shows I watch, books I read, wines I “discover”, places I visit, fashion I like, music I listen to, websites I follow… with an occasional serving of the bizarre or the WTF. Yes, it’s quite a mix of the unrelated, but that’s because I myself am quite a mix of the unrelated. Which can be more fun than getting the same thing over and over. Or slightly crazy, whichever you prefer.

You will also find that the majority of articles/opinions I upload here have already appeared on a magazine called The TV Guide, which is given out with the Times of Malta every Saturday.Why? Well, mainly because I’m a lazy so-and-so and it’s awfully convenient to upload stuff that I’ve already written. Also, because I want you  to take a look at the actual hard copy of the magazine, especially as I won’t be uploading every single write-up here. No, the TV Guide most definitely is not just about TV, despite the moniker. So don’t be afraid to take a peek.

What you’re extremely unlikely to find here: Pseudo intellectualism. Mainly because I’m allergic.