Stanley Brinks, Freschard, Stalko…Saturday


The first big gig of the year hits this Saturday at… the Kazin San Gejtanu, Hamrun which incidentally has become one of my favourite spots after seeing Stalko and Owen Pallett perform there. There’s something about the place that screams kitsch in the funnest way possible. So, Saturday promises to deliver more music in the same spirit as Andre […]


Stalko’s Grandiloquence


With their beautiful orchestration, poetic lyrics and a deep focus on the technical aspect of the music, trio Stalko left an indelible mark on the music scene long before the upcoming  release of their first album. Over the past couple of years, Tim Ellis (voice, keyboards), Chris Cini (violin) and Mike Stivala (voice, guitar) have, through a series […]


Folk on the water


The Xemxija coastline recently came alive to the sound of Maltese trio Stalko’s music in a quirky performance by the edge of the sea. This review appeared on the Sunday Times. The evening kicked off with a set by Martin Mc Neil & The Dissidents. I will not be giving away too much about these […]


Sick Fest – the top local musicians at 1 venue


It’s been a summer of non-stop, mostly awesome gigs and seems like it’s going to be an autumn of equally great music festivals. A couple of weeks ago we had the announcement of Nil By Mouth’s official line-up. Now, we have a confirmation of the line-up for Sick Fest, which is set to bring together […]


Blog give-away: 2 free tickets to the Nil By Mouth Sessions up for grabs

As promised last Friday, I will be hosting a blog giveaway to celebrate the first three months of blogging. And I’m very excited to announce that the great guys from Hairyamp Promotions decided to help me out by offering 2 free tickets to the upcoming Nil By Mouth Sessions, which by the looks (or rather […]


Stalko, repeatedly

stalko repeatedly

I’m the first one to tell u I’m addicted to anything that comes with the prefix “tech”. And that ends in “nology”. Anything that makes life easier or more fun – or maybe that just offers us a new avenue of time-wasting possibilities, some would say – is welcome to my world. After all, where […]