The waiting game

A watched kettle never boils, or so they say. Not that I’ve ever done any such thing, especially because all my coffees tend to be produced by a nice and shiny cappuccino maker rather than a traditional kettle. Or a coffee-shop, depending on circumstances. I am not even what you’d call a regular tea drinker […]




Brash and in your face, meet SkiMMeD – the post-punk band that brings a touch of surreal to the Maltese scene. The energetic quartet  made up of Alexandra Aquilina, Daniel Borg, Federico Cilia and Christoffer  Mercieca were the brains behind the highly infectious single Napoleon, which has become something of an indie anthem in Malta […]


Music I work to (Playlist 1)

My ipod is a well-loved companion that I carry around 24X7 (well, almost). I listen to music when I’m walking, when I’m driving, when I’m chilling with a glass of wine and also when I’m working. Only problem is, the choice of music when working is a bit of a sensitive matter and if I get […]