Playlist: getting ready for the Nil By Mouth sessions

It’s the week many have been waiting for as the coming weekend hits all the right  music spots. Following my interviews with Italy’s Eimog and Edinburgh’s Discopolis – not to mention a very well received blog giveaway – it’s time to listen to the real thing. You can get in the mood – like I am […]


Halloween Special II: My playlist

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m fully aware that celebrating Halloween is as clichéd as Helvetica but it sure is fun. So I’ll leave all the partypoopers (including the parish priest of Balzan) to stew in their own blood, erm, juice and do what I’ve always done. That is, have fun and do as I please. Hence […]


Music to wake up to – Playlist 3

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Time for another playlist…my favourite kind of blog Last week it was music to motivate you into getting off your butt to do a workout. This week’s playlist has a totally different vibe; welcome to the songs and musicians that make it just a tad easier fo me to let go of my pillow. Which is no […]


Music to motivate your workouts (Playlist 2)


Now let’s be clear before my reputation as committed couch-potato is ruined forever…by the above headline I don’t mean anything too ambitious, such as going to the gym or attending fitness classes. Sure thing, the music in this playlist can also be used for such noble purposes. But not in my case. So, by “music […]


Music I work to (Playlist 1)

My ipod is a well-loved companion that I carry around 24X7 (well, almost). I listen to music when I’m walking, when I’m driving, when I’m chilling with a glass of wine and also when I’m working. Only problem is, the choice of music when working is a bit of a sensitive matter and if I get […]