December rain (with apologies to you-know-who)

It’s so rare that we get a real, honest-to-goodness rainy day in Malta that when it happens it tends to provoke one of two opposite reactions in most Maltesers. Pure joy at the magic of it all (yes, rain can be magical) or some highly creative swearing because let’s face it, most of our plans […]


Another day in the silent city

Facade of stately home in Mdina, Malta

Finally an excuse to do a test run on my awesome new camera, which was an early Christmas gift…The results of a sunny and warm December day in the old city of Mdina. Being there always makes me feel a bit like I’m a tourist on holiday, so I decided to make the most of […]


Ritty Tacsum photography – somewhat surreal, somewhat strange

Ritty Tacsum 2

Slightly disturbing, visually entrancing and definitely different, Ritty Tacsum’s photography touches a raw nerve with the viewer. I met up with the artiste to discuss her current exhibition, Ritty Tacsum and Her Humanoids. Describing this lady’s photography is not an easy thing. You can say it’s about real life… but to paraphrase Dr. Spock, it’s […]