Interview: The Prodigy


The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett and Keith Flint, who performed in Malta this August, talk studio work, live gigs and Gozo raves with Ramona Depares. An edited version of this interview was published on The Sunday Times of Malta. All photos: Chris Farrugia Studios. Lucca, 7pm. The whole town is buzzing with expectation and, even though […]


Music interview: Loathe

Loathe Beerfest 2011 - 5

Death metal is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but the genre enjoys a solid following in Malta. At the forefront of the scene are Loathe. I had a chat with bassist Mark Debono in the run-up to the band’s upcoming gig. Loathe are one of the bands that continuously crops up in conversation whenever […]


The punk scene in Malta

Female punk musician in Malta

As all ‘80s kids will remember, the punk movement in Malta was relatively strong at one time. Nowadays a coloured Mohawk is somewhat of a rare sight but the movement is still alive and kicking somewhere, as the recent punk festival Festahwid proved. I spoke with one of the most locally known punk veterans, Ray […]




Brash and in your face, meet SkiMMeD – the post-punk band that brings a touch of surreal to the Maltese scene. The energetic quartet  made up of Alexandra Aquilina, Daniel Borg, Federico Cilia and Christoffer  Mercieca were the brains behind the highly infectious single Napoleon, which has become something of an indie anthem in Malta […]