3 types of sales-assistants I want to throttle


Yes, I know that it has been said before, but I will say it again and again. Maybe if we all whine long and loud enough it will finally sink in.  So this goes out to all those who work in any sort of shop: politeness is not optional when facing that strange animal we […]


Valentines? Happy Hallmark Day

walking dead

Do I like spontaneously romantic gestures? Hell yes. Can anything that happens on an industry-fabricated holiday known for spewing sad clichés on the back of a plastic menu ever be spontaneously romantic? I believe you will find your answer within the question. Unexpected champagne by the moonlight = good. Dinner in a restaurant full of […]


Wanna learn Japanese? Try some boobs!

miss minxy

It’s Monday morning and I really am not in the mood for serious topics like the elections or the shocking hate crime that was revealed yesterday. Luckily, the interwebz is full of happy distractions. Such as this incredibly clever lady with her weekly lessons in Japanese. I know that many of you are heavily into Japanese culture. Miss […]


Those farkin Japanese show us how it’s done

Japanese organise a fuckin massive sale

Because there’s more to life than watching Franco on TV… obviously the F word in the title is meant to be read in the spirit of the picture below, rather than taken as a pejorative term. If you want to read all about it, here is the source.


Election watch: Why Gonzi got the new ministerial appointments wrong

With a surprise cabinet re-shuffle announced hours ago just in time for the weekend, the country is – as usual – in turmoil. Said turmoil could have easily been avoided with wiser choices as to who should have been awarded which ministry. Here’s what was obvious to the whole electorate but seems to have eluded […]


That day I was branded a porn-monger

a coffee shop

So there I was, caught viewing a website full of “questionable content” in public,  with two tut-tutting ladies emanating loud and clear disapproval right behind me. Just another day on Planet Gaffes. But maybe I should start from the beginning. My idea of ways to keep myself entertained can be weird. Occasionally, I can be […]


3 kinds of audience members I love to hate

I have this weird attitude to concerts, theatre productions, movies and other such events – I attend them because I’m actually interested in the music/play/movie or whatever. I want to appreciate the experience and to forget the outside world for an hour or two. “Isn’t all this obvious?” I hear you ask. Hardly. Judging by […]


5 lessons I’ve learnt from the ghosts of NYE past

1. If you’re ordering take-out, plan ahead: And by plan ahead I don’t mean call in with your order at 18:00 instead of 20:00. Call the day before and check whether your chosen outlet will actually deliver on New Year’s Eve. The reply is likely to be “yes, but we only take orders until XX […]


4 reasons Boxing Day rocks harder than Christmas Day

1. You continue on your “eating like a pig/ drinking like a king” spree  all day – without the benefit of Nanna Cetta giving you dirty looks and muttering darkly about the unholy cloud of alcohol fumes that surrounds your couch. You can also do it in your dirty pyjamas and no-one will raise an […]


Christmas eve woes: Why men are more difficult to shop for

As I’m writing this my Christmas spirit is a tad frazzled. You see, with only one day till D-Day…believe it or not I have not yet finished my gift shopping. I have a handful of people to go and these happen to be the most difficult handful. Hint; they are all men. Without wishing to […]