And the dance goes on


In remembrance of the glory days of one of Britain’s foremost gothic rock bands, The Mission. This feature was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section.  Wayne Hussey As far as rock’n’roll goes, it’s very difficult to match up with Wayne Hussey, one of Britain’s enfants terribles of music. Back in the late […]


The skin I live in


It’s a sub-culture that attracts more negative reactions than most, but the goth scene in Malta harbours a perhaps unexpectedly gregarious bunch. RENE FARRUGIA (aka DJ HADES), one of the very few local DJs who specialise in the genre, talks about music and misconceptions ahead of his upcoming Halloween event at Coconut. An edited version […]


Generation Goth – an aftermath

For all those of you who read my blog about Malta’s first gothfest, Generation Goth turned out to be a massive success. Which is great news not just for the organisers, but also for those of us who have serious hopes for an across-the-board alternative scene in Malta. Not that we don’t have our fair […]