Guest post: Malta film nostalgia II

3. Ħaż-Żebbuġ Village square with extras in costume

Crowds are said to have thronged Ħaż-Żebbuġ when director Walter Summers started shooting the silent feature film Bolibar over eighty years ago. With hundreds of Maltese extras deployed in the quiet village, it is very surprising how few Maltese know about it, Filmed In Malta’s Jean Pierre Borg writes. When a British film crew descended […]


Guest post: Malta film nostalgia

1926’s Sons of the Sea Guest post by Jean Pierre Borg, film researcher and the brains behind the Filmed In Malta Facebook community   Who would have thought that Malta’s film industry was actually launched thanks to the British Admiralty back in 1926?For decades, it was thought that the earliest feature film to be shot […]


The man behind Filmed In Malta


Photos in this post were taken by Chris Sant Fournier for The Times TV Guide. Whenever a film crew lands in Malta the gossip grapevine starts buzzing. Who will the actors and directors be? Where will the filming take place? How many extras are being taken on board? Nothing gets the questions going as fast […]