The kids are all right

Clandestines. Photo by Matt Tomich.

An edited version of this review was published on The Sunday Times of Malta. It has been a long time coming, since their debut gig back in 2011 alongside The Areola Treat and Skimmed, to be exact. But when indie-punk outfit Clandestines released the first single, accompanied by video, off their debut album Saturday as […]


Rock the South: Explosions in the Sky


 With apologies to the Texan post-rock band for nicking their name for my header, this happens to be the perfect way of describing the Rock the South festival that, as it were, rocked the south last weekend.  I’m talking musical explosions, of course, with some 17 bands coming together on two stages at Zion Reggae […]


More top names for Rock the South


Time for another music festival and peoples, this one’s definitely gonna raaaaaawk. Well, it is called Rock the South for a reason. Last year’s edition was chocful of good, old-fashioned fun. By old-fashioned, I mean it threw the spotlight right where it should be, on real music – and if you need me to explain […]


Sick Fest – the top local musicians at 1 venue


It’s been a summer of non-stop, mostly awesome gigs and seems like it’s going to be an autumn of equally great music festivals. A couple of weeks ago we had the announcement of Nil By Mouth’s official line-up. Now, we have a confirmation of the line-up for Sick Fest, which is set to bring together […]


Sunglasses at an indie night

Photography by Gail Banavage

A review of the Kinemastik International Film Festival opening concert, featuring Dolls For Idols, Capitol K and Dark Horses. An edited version appeared on The Sunday Times. Image is really everything nowadays, huh? Which probably explains why British neo-rock outfit Dark Horses took to the stage with some half a dozen hired groupies in tow, […]


Blog give-away: 2 free tickets to the Nil By Mouth Sessions up for grabs

As promised last Friday, I will be hosting a blog giveaway to celebrate the first three months of blogging. And I’m very excited to announce that the great guys from Hairyamp Promotions decided to help me out by offering 2 free tickets to the upcoming Nil By Mouth Sessions, which by the looks (or rather […]