Coach & Horses gig: Dave Rock’s Slam Poetry

dave rock

Tomorrow – Thursday, November 21 – there will be what promises to be an intriguing and truly alternative gig at Coach & Horses, as Dave Rock treats us to his debut gig in Malta. The genre? Slam poetry. What’s that, I hear you say…read on. How do you describe your music and what is slam […]


Review: Three Stops to China and The Violent Violets at Coach & Horses


High-octane sounds and raucous riffs were the order of the night during a recent double-bill featuring these two bands, and I found myself yelling for more, more, more (sorry). With summer behind us and a new events season at ‘alternative’ performance venue Coach & Horses just launched, it was to be expected that the schedule […]


Stalko’s Grandiloquence


With their beautiful orchestration, poetic lyrics and a deep focus on the technical aspect of the music, trio Stalko left an indelible mark on the music scene long before the upcoming  release of their first album. Over the past couple of years, Tim Ellis (voice, keyboards), Chris Cini (violin) and Mike Stivala (voice, guitar) have, through a series […]


Gemma Ray mesmerises


The lady means business and you can see that by the way she has managed to turn a rather hefty knife into a guitar accessory. We better applaud, I thought to myself. This is one woman you don’t want to piss off. But in the end the applause came fast and loud – as did the […]


Gemma Ray


With her eerie, sometimes melodramatic sound and vintage look, Gemma Ray is being hailed as the new queen of dark pop and retro. She’s working on a soundtrack for a Gozo-based movie together with Bad Seeds drummer Thomas Wydler. Even without actually hearing her music, that should be enough to get you all excited. Add the […]