New live video from Cable 35

cable 35

And to one of my favourite track of theirs none the less, Bobby Funk (though my topmost favourite remains Can I – sadly I couldn’t find a clearer vid than this, which really doesn’t do justice to it). The vid was shot during the band’s Bill Bite (ahem, love the name guys) sessions. The vid […]


Cable 35: The boys are back in town


Making a name for yourself away from Maltese shores is certainly no mean feat that is achieved by the mediocre. For the talented few who do achieve it, the temptation to forget all about the tiny audience back home must be pretty irresistible. Which is why I have a lot of respect for those musicians […]


Rock the South: Explosions in the Sky


 With apologies to the Texan post-rock band for nicking their name for my header, this happens to be the perfect way of describing the Rock the South festival that, as it were, rocked the south last weekend.  I’m talking musical explosions, of course, with some 17 bands coming together on two stages at Zion Reggae […]


Cable 35 & The Car Crashers – Saturday

after dark hard rock

They rocked Zion Reggae Bar last Saturday at Rock The South (look out for the festival review on the coming issue of the Sunday Times) and now Cable 35 seem set to give us a wicked repeat on Saturday at Hard Rock Cafe in Paceville, before they bugger off back to their rock’n’roll life gigging […]


More top names for Rock the South


Time for another music festival and peoples, this one’s definitely gonna raaaaaawk. Well, it is called Rock the South for a reason. Last year’s edition was chocful of good, old-fashioned fun. By old-fashioned, I mean it threw the spotlight right where it should be, on real music – and if you need me to explain […]