The new Avengers


As was inevitably going to happen, Avengers: Age Of Ultron has sparked all kinds of conversation and debate as to where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes from here. Boing Boing has posted an entire discussion on the film’s ‘Easter eggs’ and the Internet as a whole has basically picked the film apart in search of […]


While his guitar gently weeps

The only person to win the US National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship twice, Don Ross will be showing off his technique during a live concert in Malta.  I interviewed him about this specialised style of playing. This interview first appeared on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section. When did your attraction to the guitar start? Well, having been […]


Tonight! Ssick @ Coach, Alex Alden @ Southport


Apologies for the double-posting today, but a couple of cool events have been pointed out and we need to spread the word to the masses. Well, not quite the masses or we probably won’t be too happy about that but you get the drift. So – not sure how to kick off the weekend?  Ample […]


Children of a lesser god?


I know I’m quite a bit off-topic here. But, just in case no-one realised from my lack of related posts, I’m finding the whole election crap incredibly tedious. Letters like Joe Zammit’s, on the other hand are as far from tedious as you can get. Inexplicable, terribly unkind and impossibly close-minded, yes. Tedious, never. Mr […]


Nil By Mouth 2 Sessions – tickets winner


…and the winner of the ticket giveaway is… Rachel As for the rest, thank you all for taking part. There’s only a week to go to the event. For info about tickets you can visit the Facebook event page here.  


Football is about fraternity


Pope Benedict told us. And he is right. But it’s not just that. If we’re honest, it’s also about competition. Big-time. The current trend to attempt to remove all forms of rivalry and competition from the lives of our children is highly irresponsible and smacks of ‘hippy gone wrong’. The trend doesn’t just apply to […]


Dog shooting: Pet owners must shoulder responsibility too

Just 'cos Rick Springfield does it, doesn't make it right.

Usually I’m the one at the front screaming abuse at anyone who dares lift a finger against an animal. This isn’t always appreciated, particularly by those who fail to see my point and who ask me why I don’t do the same with regards to violence against human beings. The reply to that is that […]


And the winner of the Essence goodie bag is…

Essence make up

  Many thanks to all those who took part in this giveaway! The winner is Belinda, whose name came tops on the randomized screen-shot as you can see. For those who would like to try their luck, there are also a number of other Essence goodie bags being given out on the magazine I edit […]


5 things that WILL screw up your sick leave (while proving that sod’s law still rules)

You will always get sick on a Friday, never on a Monday. Thursday afternoon you start getting that niggling feeling at the back of your throat. That “maybe it’s the flu but hopefully it’s just dehydration” feeling. You figure by the next day it’ll be over. You figure wrong. Come morning, every time you try to […]


Someone is torturing the Campus Cats

I’d hoped that it would be a long, long while before I came across more cases of animal cruelty in our islands. It’s been a perfectly horrible summer, with at least one horrific case of animal torture and killing every freaking month. My usual reaction in such cases is anger, sadness, despair and fear. Anger at the […]