The screening of Inni at St James Cavalier


I’d been waiting for the promised screening of Sigur Ros’s Inni at the St James Cavalier cinema ever since the possibility was first mentioned online some long months ago. I’d fallen in love with this Icelandic band immediately upon hearing their first album but I never managed to catch them live. Experiencing their second docu-film, […]


3 types of sales-assistants I want to throttle


Yes, I know that it has been said before, but I will say it again and again. Maybe if we all whine long and loud enough it will finally sink in.  So this goes out to all those who work in any sort of shop: politeness is not optional when facing that strange animal we […]


Brikkuni, Trabokk: a different take


I have already said my piece about the launch of the new Brikkuni album the day after the event. However, I also wanted to take Trabokk to a different readership that might not have been present for the launch itself. The following is a different (edited) take that was published on yesterday’s edition of the […]


3 kinds of audience members I love to hate

I have this weird attitude to concerts, theatre productions, movies and other such events – I attend them because I’m actually interested in the music/play/movie or whatever. I want to appreciate the experience and to forget the outside world for an hour or two. “Isn’t all this obvious?” I hear you ask. Hardly. Judging by […]


5 lessons I’ve learnt from the ghosts of NYE past

1. If you’re ordering take-out, plan ahead: And by plan ahead I don’t mean call in with your order at 18:00 instead of 20:00. Call the day before and check whether your chosen outlet will actually deliver on New Year’s Eve. The reply is likely to be “yes, but we only take orders until XX […]


The art of real generosity & kindness

For those of you who read my reasons why I’m not so impressed with Malta bagging the number 1 spot on the list of most generous countries, here is a follow-up. The story below happened to me a couple of weeks ago and will put our nation’s supposedly unparalleled kindness into perspective.   Certain things […]


Christmas eve woes: Why men are more difficult to shop for

As I’m writing this my Christmas spirit is a tad frazzled. You see, with only one day till D-Day…believe it or not I have not yet finished my gift shopping. I have a handful of people to go and these happen to be the most difficult handful. Hint; they are all men. Without wishing to […]


5 ways TV is bringing curves back

The era of the stick-insect is happily over and voluptuousness is back. And it’s all thanks to the good, old TV set 😉 1. Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl: It’s the latest twenty-minute laugh fest to hit the airwaves. So far I’m on to the third episode and the storyline is pretty hilarious. The good news? […]


Stalko, repeatedly

stalko repeatedly

I’m the first one to tell u I’m addicted to anything that comes with the prefix “tech”. And that ends in “nology”. Anything that makes life easier or more fun – or maybe that just offers us a new avenue of time-wasting possibilities, some would say – is welcome to my world. After all, where […]


Parking Paranoia

Some people deserve a serious kick in the butt. More specifically, I’m talking about Selfish Parkers. That’s right, complete with upper case initials. We’ve all been there; you finally arrive home/at the office/wherever and start circling the building hopefully. Only, of course, you end up parking goodness know where because your car will not fit […]