NPR’s Snap Judgement


This post first appeared on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture Section. How do you guys feel about listening to your book, rather than reading it? I’ll be honest, I never got excited about the idea of audio books. Sure thing, it’s all about the story, I suppose. But I confess to feeling confused about […]


Bring back the Veline


If I really need to give you any background on Striscia La Notizia, chances are you don’t watch much Italian television, do you? Even in this day of cable television, when our foreign viewing isn’t restricted to Italian channels, Striscia remains highly popular with the islanders. It is, of course, a spoof news update, but […]


Stalko’s Grandiloquence


With their beautiful orchestration, poetic lyrics and a deep focus on the technical aspect of the music, trio Stalko left an indelible mark on the music scene long before the upcoming  release of their first album. Over the past couple of years, Tim Ellis (voice, keyboards), Chris Cini (violin) and Mike Stivala (voice, guitar) have, through a series […]


TV Column: Out of the box

Out of the box A couple of days ago I managed to watch Chronicle, starring three actors I’ve never heard of (Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan, if you must know). Quite a B-grade sort of movie to all intents and purposes, but nonetheless interesting for its totally different take on superpowers. Three teenagers […]


Arsenic & Old Lace – some thoughts

madc_la_feb_2012_part2-55 old sepia

I never thought the words “let’s send him to Panama” would inspire such hilarity. Context is everything, of course. In this case the context involved actor Colin Fitz in the role of the mad Teddy Brewster who is labouring under the impression that he’s President Theodore Roosevelt and that the basement beneath his house is […]


Hunger Games: inspiration or rip off?


As I’m writing this, I just came back from a session of exasperated eye-rolling at one of Valletta’s coffee-shops. The reason? The girl sitting at the table next to mine just couldn’t stop waxing lyrical about a particular movie that’s really raking in the cash right now: The Hunger Games. I realise that I’m totally […]


Maltese musicians at Isle of MTV: charity?

Larger than life & better than all Maltese artistes put together????

The debate has been going on for quite a while now, pretty much ever since the initial line-up for this year’s Isle of MTV concert was announced. Once again, like last year, no Maltese artistes have (so far) been invited to take part in the mega-concert that sees practically 80% of Malta thronging to the […]


Of fantasy trilogies & Kindle procrastinatons


So I have finally (about a week ago, to be precise) started reading John A Bonello’s famed Il-Logħba tal-Allat trilogy. I confess to an unreasonable frustration with trilogies. Go ahead, stone me. It’s just that whenever an author comes up with the “this is the first book of a trilogy” statement, I know perfectly well […]


Nobody’s token woman


  Many of my readers – particularly women – have been asking how come I have not put in my two cents’ worth about the likely introduction of mandatory quotas for women in the boardroom. The reason is a simple one: while I do have a very strong opinion about it, I didn’t want to […]


That Monday post


Video chat by   Mondays (with the exception of today) are incredibly tough on the spirit. It’s not just the dreaded sound of the alarm going off at the ungodly hour of erm, seven o’clock (which translates to the deep of the night in my book), though yes, it is that too. But in […]