An open letter to Mintoff


This is what the documentary (read the review here) about the man who split the Maltese in two opposing camps can be described as. I met up with director and producer Pierre Ellul about how he came to immortalise the prime minister who still inspires equal measures of hatred and love to celluloid. It all […]


Daniel Radcliffe: a study in versatility?


Seems like someone up there was really doing his best to permanently cast Daniel Radcliffe, him of Hogwarts fame, in the role of cute and misunderstood child. Although the actor only hit it bigtime when J.K. Rowling decided to allow Harry Potter to be taken to the big screen, Radcliffe’s acting debut happened much earlier […]


Tele-Monkey: interview with creator Martin Bonniċi


March will see Tele-Monkey, a locally produced short movie in Stereoscopic 3D animation, hit our cinema screens. As the trailer is making waves across social media networks, I met up with film-maker Martin Bonniċi, the brains behind the whole project. Meet Joe. His obsession is to understand the meaning behind the advertising and TV-shopping that […]


Anti-Valentine’s: the movies to break the mood

500 days of summer

Did you get dumped right before the big day? Or maybe you’re just not too fond of the forced red roses and chocolates combo? Whatever your reasons, here’s a list of awesome movies to help you have a blast while sticking it to that borin’ old Cupid. Kill Bill 2 Why am I opting for […]


Halloween special III: 3 movies guaranteed to scare the crap out of you


It’s the one night in the year when the ghosts come out to play…or so popular legend has it. So you’ve decided to ignore the egg-hurling crowds of kids that are threatening to break through your doorway in their hungry search for candy. Wise move – Halloween last year found me naively answering the doorbell, […]


Where have the real hearthrobs gone?

It used to be that the screen idols we followed and admired had both talent and charm. Please allow me to lament the mass lowering of standards and let me know if you’re in agreement… The supposed sex symbols that make it on the hot list of the decade say a lot about the collective […]


Plangent Rain

Dark, desolate and dreary, Plangent Rain (original title, Daqqet ix-Xita) offers a concise but effective tribute to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Director Kenneth Scicluna tells us more . Set in the atmospheric, narrow streets of Valletta and inspired by Soviet director Grigori Kozintsev‘s 1964 production of Hamlet, the Lighthouse +Ashley movie already made waves some months ago […]