Raising Zombie Children

zombie child

A couple of days ago I found a gem hidden among the news items. I say hidden, because it was buried as part of a bigger story about whether or not Malta has too many LSAs (Learning Support Assistants) or not. Since I’m not qualified to give an educated opinion about how many LSAs a […]


Corruption of minors? Just a joke…


We’re back at it, treating crimes that merit the good, old “locking the culprit in jail and throwing away the key” treatment for all the world like they’re minor misdemeanours. The latest horror story to reach me is that of the 59-year-old bus driver who corrupted two school kids aged under 12. Yes, you read […]


An amnesty for what?


People typically celebrate happy events in their lives with a bottle of bubbly or two. Maybe a party, if they happen to be the ostentatious sort. Not so some political parties. The accepted method in this case seems to be to celebrate by letting criminals and low-lifes loose on our streets. Except for paedophiles, of […]


Yes, the Maltese patata rocks

maltese patata

  Seems like we have become so shallow and arrogant that we cannot even recognize a good thing for what it is. I’m talking about the puzzling reactions to a Youtube video about Maltese potato harvesting. The video went viral overnight, attracting the wrath of a sizeable bunch of armchair critics who seems to be […]


Peter Andre culture? Ab-solutely not.


Culture must be one of the most misunderstood words ever. For some, it is synonymous with pretentiousness, with the so-called artsy fartsy crowd, the pseudo-intellectuals. For others it is equivalent to a skip, a catch-all phrase that captures even the most dubious entertainment endeavours. I’m not sure which is worse. What I do know, however, […]


Lighten up folks, it’s just Halloween

About Halloween

Halloween panic didn’t take too long to hit the cyber-waves this year. Last year we had a parish priest sending an apocalypse-now style missive to the parishioners; feeding pumpkin pie to your kids while they’re wearing a witch’s hat, we were told, is tantamount to selling their souls to the devil. Well, fine he didn’t […]


The gay, backwater of Mellieħa?


Ok I don’t usually put up all these disclaimers but…since when this was originally uploaded on The Times of Malta, many people seemed to miss the sarcasm, I’ll spell it out. I’m not really calling the people of Mellieħa stupid. Promise. It’s just my way of pointing out how nonsensical the court judgement is. You […]


Freedom to discriminate?


Cyber-space is full of pseudo philosophers and fake do-gooders who seem to have enough leisure time that they can spend their days passing judgement on lifestyles that don’t coincide with theirs. Such as on those who are in a same-sex relationship. Usually I’m happy to ignore all the thrash that clutters the web, but occasionally […]


Neanderthals, all

Original photography by Darrin Zammit Lupi for The Times, photoshopped by Bis-serjeta’ – Serjeta biss. The onslaught of memes was to be expected, of course. After all, it’s not everyday that we get to see honest-to-goodness fisticuffs that seem to come straight out of some redneck movie. I’m talking about the Marsaxlokk fight, the video […]


Compassion: more important than church flexibility

I realise that you’re probably all getting tired of hearing about IVF. However, given the right pig’s ear that is being made of the whole issue (quelle surprise), it is impossible to pretend that all is fine. First we had justice minister Chris Said totally putting his foot in it, announcing with a straight face […]