Ghostwriter – interview & mini-review

Ghost Writer 051

Although the theatre season soon closes officially, there is one production currently being staged that is worth checking out –  GhostWriter, which is being staged by FM Productions and DNA Theatres at St James Cavalier.  Directed by Polly March, Ghost Writer is that rare phenomenon – a spine-chiller that also raises the laughs. Black comedy […]


Arsenic & Old Lace – some thoughts

madc_la_feb_2012_part2-55 old sepia

I never thought the words “let’s send him to Panama” would inspire such hilarity. Context is everything, of course. In this case the context involved actor Colin Fitz in the role of the mad Teddy Brewster who is labouring under the impression that he’s President Theodore Roosevelt and that the basement beneath his house is […]


Kjaroskur: a roller coaster of contrasting emotions


Good theatre productions in the Maltese language – and by this I mean that the original script was conceived in Maltese, as opposed to translated/adapted to our language – are few and far between. Kjaroskur, which premiered yesterday at St James Cavalier, is definitely top of the list. Penned by Simone Spiteri (of Du Theatre fame) […]


Love, lust & Lynching in Fuente Ovejuna


When I read the description of LL&L in FO (I refuse to type the whole damn thing twice), the first thing that struck me was that dreaded phrase: audience participation. Sure, the plot sounded fine and all – a bunch of villagers revolt against their sadistic dictator. Very Colonel Ghaddafi meets Louis de Bernieres, I though […]


MADC presents The Bacchae: some thoughts

the bacchae

Mind-blowingly beautiful, seductive and terrifying. He is Kurt Castillo’s Dionysos in MADC’S production of The Bacchae, currently showing at the MITP in Valletta. I’d been hearing good reports about this production all through last weekend. But it took me a while to actually secure my ticket, mainly because I have to admit that Greek tragedies arent my typical cuppa. […]