Côme & AIM for Rock the South


So, Rock the South is back at Zion on Friday and Saturday this weekend, and with it a host of Malta’s top bands and 2 foreign offerings, French duo Côme and (once again) AIM. Côme are French duo  François Byrski on guitarist and Lucas Barbier on drums. The 2 operate under the umbrella term indie-rock, […]


Explosions in the House


“Remember, remember, the 5th of November.” Thus goes the Gunpowder Plot poem, today immortalised in the classic folk hero celebration that is Guy Fawkes night and that to date pretty much unites the whole of Britain in an annual show of anti-system sentiments. The laudable kind, as opposed to the scarily anarchic kind. Because, although […]


A city re-imagined


An edited version of this interview was published on The Sunday Times. When the Valletta 2018 official video was launched a couple of weeks ago, the impact was immediate.  I spoke to the people who made it happen . Some three weeks ago, a short film celebrating our islands’ cultural was launched on to an […]


Hunger Games: inspiration or rip off?


As I’m writing this, I just came back from a session of exasperated eye-rolling at one of Valletta’s coffee-shops. The reason? The girl sitting at the table next to mine just couldn’t stop waxing lyrical about a particular movie that’s really raking in the cash right now: The Hunger Games. I realise that I’m totally […]


Sei Passi Nel Giallo: a post-mortem interview

Omicidio Su Misura

With the Sei Passi Nel Giallo series now over, I caught up with the man who was in charge of managing the whole project locally, Winston Azzopardi. The series was in fact totally shot in Malta – in some of the movies we double for Sicily and for Italy while in one episode, Presagi, Malta […]


Dear Dom: a preview


In my student days, lessons in Maltese history had a massive failing. A good chunk of the previous four decades were invariably omitted. These were the Mintoff decades, years that left an indelible mark on the political and social path our country would take. Judging by what I hear, few are the history teachers that dare […]


Anti-Valentine’s: the movies to break the mood

500 days of summer

Did you get dumped right before the big day? Or maybe you’re just not too fond of the forced red roses and chocolates combo? Whatever your reasons, here’s a list of awesome movies to help you have a blast while sticking it to that borin’ old Cupid. Kill Bill 2 Why am I opting for […]


Super hero, Super bizarre

I’m usually not one for superhero movies. Yes, I thought we’d already established I’m not normal, right? There are three spectacular exceptions to this statement. I mean the one about superhero movies, not the one about being normal. There are no exceptions to that. So, the exceptions: Ironman, the Christopher Nolan Batmen (Batmans?) and Kickass. […]


Plangent Rain

Dark, desolate and dreary, Plangent Rain (original title, Daqqet ix-Xita) offers a concise but effective tribute to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Director Kenneth Scicluna tells us more . Set in the atmospheric, narrow streets of Valletta and inspired by Soviet director Grigori Kozintsev‘s 1964 production of Hamlet, the Lighthouse +Ashley movie already made waves some months ago […]


Super 8 rocks!

Finally got to watch Super 8 yesterday. Being an 80s baby any movie or book that is set in the 80s is usually guaranteed to get me raving about how awesome it is. The awesome-o-meter takes a leap higher if the movie was actually filmed in the 80s. Nothing beats the real deal obviously, unless […]