More Ġieh ir-Repubblika recipients


If an 11-year-old singer – a pretty charismatic and talented one, but that’s hardly the point – is deemed the ideal recipient of the highest honour of the country just to satisfy all the Eurovision fans, then I don’t see why my favourite people shouldn’t also receive the award. They’ve all done a lot more […]


Easier Uni entry?


  An edited version of this post was uploaded on the Times of Malta. It’s bad enough that, every single year, our university spews out a ridiculous amount of students who can barely string two sentences together in whichever language. Students who think that they can go from puking beer all over Republic Street one […]


Citizenship sale: it’s a fail


This post was first published on   I have not yet blogged about the mess that has become the Maltese citizenship saga because my able colleagues on this site have already said it all, and very eloquently too. In short, the idea stinks. At this stage, it is pretty much a fait accompli. Short […]


Culture: water the wasteland


Perhaps to no-one’s surprise, the Maltese have once again been officially defined as cultural philistines, with our participation scoring the second lowest in Europe ( Embarrassing, but expected, as anyone who is somehow involved in the arts – whether as participant, organiser or from the side of the media, like me – will tell you. […]


For Shame!


Since I wrote a blogpost on The Times of Malta about the obscene drive towards implementing a push-back policy for migrants, the insults have been coming in fast and furious, each more colourful than the last. I’ve been called a limelight seeker, I’ve been called stupid, I’ve been called a fake Samaritan and other stuff […]


Corruption of minors? Just a joke…


We’re back at it, treating crimes that merit the good, old “locking the culprit in jail and throwing away the key” treatment for all the world like they’re minor misdemeanours. The latest horror story to reach me is that of the 59-year-old bus driver who corrupted two school kids aged under 12. Yes, you read […]


An amnesty for what?


People typically celebrate happy events in their lives with a bottle of bubbly or two. Maybe a party, if they happen to be the ostentatious sort. Not so some political parties. The accepted method in this case seems to be to celebrate by letting criminals and low-lifes loose on our streets. Except for paedophiles, of […]


Freedom to discriminate?


Cyber-space is full of pseudo philosophers and fake do-gooders who seem to have enough leisure time that they can spend their days passing judgement on lifestyles that don’t coincide with theirs. Such as on those who are in a same-sex relationship. Usually I’m happy to ignore all the thrash that clutters the web, but occasionally […]


Neanderthals, all

Original photography by Darrin Zammit Lupi for The Times, photoshopped by Bis-serjeta’ – Serjeta biss. The onslaught of memes was to be expected, of course. After all, it’s not everyday that we get to see honest-to-goodness fisticuffs that seem to come straight out of some redneck movie. I’m talking about the Marsaxlokk fight, the video […]


IVF: separating the facts from fiction


Keeping tabs on the actual facts regarding the newly proposed IVF law is proving to be harder than anticipated. After days spent reading the myriad news reports and opinion pieces that have been reproduced on various media, many of them contradicting each other, there is only one observation that I feel 100% confident in making: […]