Sex, lies and legal tape


This blogpost was first published on It was with shock that I read out the first important judgement of the year: a 60-year-old man gets three years’ prison for sexual violence on a minor. The shock increased as events continued unfolding after the judgement was made public. Or rather, as they failed to unfold. […]


Bilingual, my foot


This blogpost was first published on   I really hesitate to do a Scrooge on you all, but amid all the chocolates and mince pies there recently nestled a report by the University of Malta. The report centred around the performance of students in the written section of the English language Secondary Education Certificate […]


So cool they’re hot – 2013 culture roundup


An edited version of this feature was published on The Sunday Times of Malta. It’s been a strange year on the culture front. As we move one year closer to the big year – that’s 2018 – when Valletta will be officially crowned Capital of Culture, we’ve had hits, misses and glitches that are making […]


Let there be the Con


A tad later than usual, but here it is – my annual Malta Comic-Con post. It turned out to be a super stormy weekend this time round, which gave me happy memories of the very first edition of the Con, back in 2009 if I’m not mistaken.  At the time, I wasn’t yet really aware […]


Bring back the Veline


If I really need to give you any background on Striscia La Notizia, chances are you don’t watch much Italian television, do you? Even in this day of cable television, when our foreign viewing isn’t restricted to Italian channels, Striscia remains highly popular with the islanders. It is, of course, a spoof news update, but […]


Raising Zombie Children

zombie child

A couple of days ago I found a gem hidden among the news items. I say hidden, because it was buried as part of a bigger story about whether or not Malta has too many LSAs (Learning Support Assistants) or not. Since I’m not qualified to give an educated opinion about how many LSAs a […]


Bitching about beans

baked beans 3

While driving around yesterday, I saw a billboard that is hilarious and offensive in equal parts. See what it’s all about here, on my latest Times blogpost: Bitching about beans


Yes, the Maltese patata rocks

maltese patata

  Seems like we have become so shallow and arrogant that we cannot even recognize a good thing for what it is. I’m talking about the puzzling reactions to a Youtube video about Maltese potato harvesting. The video went viral overnight, attracting the wrath of a sizeable bunch of armchair critics who seems to be […]


Why I love Malta Comic-Con


Every so often, the fictional characters I love to follow, sort of spring to life. Well, maybe that’s pushing it but it certainly feels that way when the Malta Comic-Con comes by. Think of all your favourite super-heroes – Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Ironman, Captain America…and chances are that if you drop in at […]


Lighten up folks, it’s just Halloween

About Halloween

Halloween panic didn’t take too long to hit the cyber-waves this year. Last year we had a parish priest sending an apocalypse-now style missive to the parishioners; feeding pumpkin pie to your kids while they’re wearing a witch’s hat, we were told, is tantamount to selling their souls to the devil. Well, fine he didn’t […]