Coach & Horses gig: Dave Rock’s Slam Poetry

dave rock

Tomorrow – Thursday, November 21 – there will be what promises to be an intriguing and truly alternative gig at Coach & Horses, as Dave Rock treats us to his debut gig in Malta. The genre? Slam poetry. What’s that, I hear you say…read on. How do you describe your music and what is slam […]


And the Xtruppakawi winner is….


  Had to close the competition 30 mins earlier than planned guys…but you had enough time so if you were thinking of commenting today suck it up! So, the winner is….BECKY (thanks Becks for always taking part, and thanks to all the others who also always support my blog, hope to have something for you […]


Blog giveaway: Xtruppakawi tickets

fakawi cover

  What would you know, those charmers at Fakawi and Xtruppaw were so chuffed at having their endeavors at public service acknowledged (read all about how they defeated robots, cancer, inspired Quentin Tarantino and saved the world here) that they are offering 2 tickets to Saturday’s concert. Yup. One of you (plus BF/GF/Friend/Dog) gets to […]


5 reasons you have to go to Xtruppakawi


1. They averted the rise of the robots with a lethal mix of vulgar vocals and questionable costumes. A triumph few fans are aware of, as the two bands are known for their crippling shyness and modesty. To date, many remain under the impression that The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is a […]


New live video from Cable 35

cable 35

And to one of my favourite track of theirs none the less, Bobby Funk (though my topmost favourite remains Can I – sadly I couldn’t find a clearer vid than this, which really doesn’t do justice to it). The vid was shot during the band’s Bill Bite (ahem, love the name guys) sessions. The vid […]


Xtruppożitorju & Radio On reviewed


Just a shout-out to watch out for the review from last Saturday’s Xtruppaw Lonċ Konsert  and Areola Treat’s Radio On EP  (launch is tonight guys! for details click here) on the next issue of the Sunday Times…The reviews will also be uploaded here later. In the meantime, enjoy the  infamous Frutsalad video from the launch […]


Areola Treat’s launch tomorrow…

areola 7.small

Indie darlings The Areola Treat are launching their Radio On E.P, a precursor to their second full-length album, tomorrow (Friday) at Razzett l-Aħmar. Guitarist Adrian Mizzi shares some thoughts about the E.P, with some input from vocalist Lisa Micallef-Grimaud. Featured photo by Javier J Formosa. For more info about the launch, click here. You can […]


And the Xtruppaw winner is….


Cue drumroll please….   James Zammit   Congrats James, all you need to do is give your name at the door for your 2 tickets. The rest of you, thanks for taking part and following this blog. Have a blast at the gig tomorrow! And should you feel like touching base with our heroes, find […]


Żewġ biljetti b’xejn għall-iXtruppaw

ticket cover

Issa xbajna naqraw fuqhom u rridu nisimgħuhom. Idħlu biċ-ċans tirbħu 2 biljetti tal-€10 għal-lonċ konsert ta’ nhar is-Sibt. Xi tridu tagħmlu? Ixxerjaw din il-post fuq Facebook (sorry, Fejsbuk) u itfaw kumment hawn taht. Ir-rebbieħ (jew rebbieħa, ma jmurx ikun hawn xi ċuċ mid-dipartiment tal-ugwaljanza jaqbeż fuqi) jintgħażel permezz tar-random number generator u jitħabbar il-Ġimgħa għall-ħabta […]


L-iXtruppaw? Jieħdu ħsiebu l-biskuttin…


Kulħadd b’xortih fid-dinja u l-aħħar vittma tagħna jidher li għaddej tajjeb ferm jiekol il-kirxa (u jixrob il-birra) mal-famuża Glorja Tonna.   Marvin – aka li jħobb ibill Li kieku kont superhero kont tkun… PostMan.   Liema diska tal-iXtruppaw tapplika l-aktar għalik? Il-Biskuttel, għax inħobb inbill.   L-awqa mumenti mill-preparamenti għall-album il-ġdid? L-kafe’ ta’ x’ħin lestejna […]