Daniel Radcliffe: a study in versatility?


Seems like someone up there was really doing his best to permanently cast Daniel Radcliffe, him of Hogwarts fame, in the role of cute and misunderstood child. Although the actor only hit it bigtime when J.K. Rowling decided to allow Harry Potter to be taken to the big screen, Radcliffe’s acting debut happened much earlier […]


Dear Dom: a preview


In my student days, lessons in Maltese history had a massive failing. A good chunk of the previous four decades were invariably omitted. These were the Mintoff decades, years that left an indelible mark on the political and social path our country would take. Judging by what I hear, few are the history teachers that dare […]


Tele-Monkey: interview with creator Martin Bonniċi


March will see Tele-Monkey, a locally produced short movie in Stereoscopic 3D animation, hit our cinema screens. As the trailer is making waves across social media networks, I met up with film-maker Martin Bonniċi, the brains behind the whole project. Meet Joe. His obsession is to understand the meaning behind the advertising and TV-shopping that […]


Anti-Valentine’s: the movies to break the mood

500 days of summer

Did you get dumped right before the big day? Or maybe you’re just not too fond of the forced red roses and chocolates combo? Whatever your reasons, here’s a list of awesome movies to help you have a blast while sticking it to that borin’ old Cupid. Kill Bill 2 Why am I opting for […]


Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Tyrion Lannister

Time for a spot of lightheartedness without the shadow of the E word. So, this one goes out to all the Game of Thrones geeks. The same ones who are on withdrawals due to the current lack of Season 2 and the fact that – dare I say it without the risk of being subjected […]


When video goes viral

Since I discovered film-maker Cedric Vella’s Pigsty In The Kitchen series and his awesome Youtube My Facebook award winning movie, I’ve wanted to find out more about him. The guy made the international headlines when he won the Palo Alto International Film Festival with Youtube My Facebook.  Picture a Facebook page that comes alive to […]


Halloween special III: 3 movies guaranteed to scare the crap out of you


It’s the one night in the year when the ghosts come out to play…or so popular legend has it. So you’ve decided to ignore the egg-hurling crowds of kids that are threatening to break through your doorway in their hungry search for candy. Wise move – Halloween last year found me naively answering the doorbell, […]


My Lady Procrastination

Procrastination is a nasty, nasty thing. Having said that, it can also lead to some cool discoveries that I would not have made if I hadn’t been wasting time in the first place. Take last weekend, for instance. Oh the great plans I had, including to finally catch THAT movie I’ve been planning to watch […]


Secret Cinema

While hitting the stumble button on internet (it’s called research) I came upon a highly intriguing movie/entertainment concept. Secret Cinema. Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that any event with the prefix ‘Secret’ is guaranteed to get everyone’s antennae twitching. Good thing I’m not a cat, or I’d have used up 8.5 of my 9 lives […]


5 movies I’m looking forward to

My cinema life during the summer months tends to be very non-existent, mainly because the summer blockbusters – while great fun in their own way – are rarely particularly memorable. The most remarkable offerings were probably Captain America (which, if you read my previous blog isn’t exactly my favorite genre), Super 8 and (blush) the […]