Nobody’s token woman


  Many of my readers – particularly women – have been asking how come I have not put in my two cents’ worth about the likely introduction of mandatory quotas for women in the boardroom. The reason is a simple one: while I do have a very strong opinion about it, I didn’t want to […]


Which Game of Thrones character are you?

Tyrion Lannister

Time for a spot of lightheartedness without the shadow of the E word. So, this one goes out to all the Game of Thrones geeks. The same ones who are on withdrawals due to the current lack of Season 2 and the fact that – dare I say it without the risk of being subjected […]


Murder and art in Valletta: the Hotel Splendid


Maybe it’s because I grew up in Valletta or maybe it’s just the morbidly fascinating murder story that’s tied to it…whatever the reason, the Splendid in Strait Street is another one of those abandoned buildings that gets my antennae twitching. Well, abandoned no more. The old hotel has now been taken over by (I believe) […]


Morrisey… to the beat of a screaming brat


  The opening strains of The Smiths‘ Bigmouth Strikes Again provokes a Pavlovian response in me. Namely reaching out blindly to snooze my alarm clock for another precious five minutes. Yes, I love Morrisey enough to give him privilege of first contact every new day. But the fact that Morrisey makes me drool no matter […]