Cooking with dog!



Tina l-Maltija…

Tina l maltija

One of those “no comment” moments:    


Argentina’s Dancing With the Stars – risquée much?


Warning – Videos contain nudity Can’t get over the host’s reaction at the end of the 2nd video… trying to imagine something like this going on prime time here. Or on any time really. SILVINA ESCUDERO STRIPDANCE 25-10-2010 by betocammpos


Now that Miss Malta is back…


… how about a spot of forced labour? Since the contest is now over and I can’t be accused of making like a de-motivational poster, I can say this in all clear-conscience. Following the entertaining interviews with Ms Malta 2011 Claire Busuttil that had us all in stitches some months ago,  it’s time for the […]


Just when you thought cyberspace fetishes couldn’t get any creepier


Straight from the WTF and can you get any creepier series, I bring you the teenage living doll who is currently attracting all the weirdos on the ‘net. My immediate reactions upon reading about this one: What the hell are her parents thinking? What the hell are her parents thinking? What the hell are her […]


Meerkat campaigns

  There are tons of these you just need to Youtube them. Endless fun.


Sokoblovksy Farms’ Lap Giraffes

This is the cutest/funniest. I wants my lap giraffe. Have a look at the official site here.  


Viral Vytautas: hilarious commercial


  It’s made using one milk, one banana, one jetfighter It lets you rip space/time continuum…insta super powers! It makes you sexy like a tiger – inyerface LMFAO It reduces your chances of being raped by a panda True story. And if that ain’t enough…get ready for the Negative Fuck.   This goes right up […]


Valentines? Happy Hallmark Day

walking dead

Do I like spontaneously romantic gestures? Hell yes. Can anything that happens on an industry-fabricated holiday known for spewing sad clichés on the back of a plastic menu ever be spontaneously romantic? I believe you will find your answer within the question. Unexpected champagne by the moonlight = good. Dinner in a restaurant full of […]


Wanna learn Japanese? Try some boobs!

miss minxy

It’s Monday morning and I really am not in the mood for serious topics like the elections or the shocking hate crime that was revealed yesterday. Luckily, the interwebz is full of happy distractions. Such as this incredibly clever lady with her weekly lessons in Japanese. I know that many of you are heavily into Japanese culture. Miss […]