Sex, lies and legal tape


This blogpost was first published on It was with shock that I read out the first important judgement of the year: a 60-year-old man gets three years’ prison for sexual violence on a minor. The shock increased as events continued unfolding after the judgement was made public. Or rather, as they failed to unfold. […]


Bilingual, my foot


This blogpost was first published on   I really hesitate to do a Scrooge on you all, but amid all the chocolates and mince pies there recently nestled a report by the University of Malta. The report centred around the performance of students in the written section of the English language Secondary Education Certificate […]


More Ġieh ir-Repubblika recipients


If an 11-year-old singer – a pretty charismatic and talented one, but that’s hardly the point – is deemed the ideal recipient of the highest honour of the country just to satisfy all the Eurovision fans, then I don’t see why my favourite people shouldn’t also receive the award. They’ve all done a lot more […]


Easier Uni entry?


  An edited version of this post was uploaded on the Times of Malta. It’s bad enough that, every single year, our university spews out a ridiculous amount of students who can barely string two sentences together in whichever language. Students who think that they can go from puking beer all over Republic Street one […]


The Secular State


This post was first published on It takes a news report titled ‘Church-State talks on amendments to marriages law successfully concluded’ to push the point home. The whole idea of a secular state – one of the foundation stones of any genuinely democratic state – really has not caught on yet. The talks revolved […]


An amnesty for what?


People typically celebrate happy events in their lives with a bottle of bubbly or two. Maybe a party, if they happen to be the ostentatious sort. Not so some political parties. The accepted method in this case seems to be to celebrate by letting criminals and low-lifes loose on our streets. Except for paedophiles, of […]


Yes, the Maltese patata rocks

maltese patata

  Seems like we have become so shallow and arrogant that we cannot even recognize a good thing for what it is. I’m talking about the puzzling reactions to a Youtube video about Maltese potato harvesting. The video went viral overnight, attracting the wrath of a sizeable bunch of armchair critics who seems to be […]


Rape of minors: case dismissed, resignation expected?


Really, I do not know how else to describe the latest debacle which sees a man being acquitted of rape despite the existence of a tonne of evidence proclaiming that he is anything but innocent. And what does our prosecution do when presented with incontrovertible proof that a man has raped a minor? It mishandles […]


Ryanair is not the devil incarnate


I followed the recent media spat between a Ryanair official and a customer with much amusement. Well, actually it’s not the spat itself that caused the amusement – since I wasn’t present for the altercation I can’t very well pass judgement, whether in jest or otherwise. I can, however, pass judgement on readers’ comments while […]


Venus Angelic: storm in a teacup or…?

venus angelic

Fans of Venus Angelic, the 15-year-old “Living Doll” Youtube sensation, have been complaining in droves. Their reaction is strong enough to instigate me to carry out a follow-up here and on The Times of Malta blog, detailing exactly why I think her parents are mad to allow her to expose herself like this to the cyberworld of […]