Saints, bikinis and doublestandards


Malta gets a lot of accolades along the lines of Most Beautiful Place, Paradise on Earth, Most Stunning Beaches etc etc. What it hasn’t been awarded so far, at least as far as I’m aware, is the gold accolade for double standards. Which is very strange really, considering what professionals we’ve turned out to be […]


Take that, gender quota

We can do it! Fear not, I’m not about to launch into some annoyingly positive mantra, the likes of which litter politicians’ social media accounts on a daily basis, making me want to reach for a bucket in which to express my feelings for such fake jollity. And, although this post is related to the […]


That’s NOT freedom of expression

Freedom of expression has been quoted all over the news this past week, mostly courtesy of the upcoming MEP elections. Which is usually a good thing, of course. Except that in this case, it wasn’t. Malta is one of those funny places that took quite a long while to embrace the whole idea of “freedom […]


Older students, better workforce?

Schools Education - apple

An edited version of this post was published on Education minister Evarist Bartolo has just mentioned the unmentionable: raising the compulsory school-age from 16 to 18. A proposal that I applaud, because I genuinely believe that the more emotionally mature you are when you’re ‘kicked out’ of the system, the greater the likelihood of […]


Putting a muzzle on artists


An edited version of this post appeared on About a month ago, a number of DJs who were scheduled to play during the Earth Garden festival were stopped from doing so in a move that was more reminiscent of North Korean tactics than the European democracy we so love to shout about when it […]


Arts and matriculation: FAIL


An edited version of this post was published on So the advanced and intermediate matriculation results were published yesterday. I won’t go into detail about the worrying figures with respect to traditional subjects like maths and Maltese, because the excellent editorial on today’s Times of Malta said it all. I will, instead, focus on […]


Quite the Jack Sparrow


When the Sunday Times of Malta broke the story about the tanker that ‘escaped’ from Maltese waters, I’m afraid my first reaction was much laughter. The headline conjured images of a vessel with AFM boats in hot pursuit. And my imagination is the sort to turn the whole thing into a Tom & Jerry like […]


Ban the banning

People have been clamouring to have social networking site (I use the word ‘social’ very loosely here) banned from Malta throughout this past week, so I was not surprised when an actual petition landed in my inbox. The site is based on anonymous profiles, and has been linked to severe incidents of online bullying. […]


Presidential hostages?

I had been wondering for a while what on earth parliament is waiting for before it finalises the Civil Unions Bill. Now I have my answer – apparently President George Abela refuses to sign it, so we need to wait for the current presidential term to come to an end before we can take a […]


The ire for Ira


We must be a super-bored nation if Ira Losco’s dress from last Saturday is still getting column inches. I’m going to take up some bandwidth myself, before hoping that everyone shuts up about it. Not about the dress, because I couldn’t care less, but about the annoying way that people are using it to discredit […]