Gender-bending, bawdy, burlesque

burlesque 50

Get ready for an alternate reality involving homicidal grandmasters and do-gooding angels as The Dazzle Troupe is back with The History of Malta Burlesque show. I caught up with the members of the perennially popular Schlock troupe–  Peter Farrugia, Teodor Reljic and Bettina Borg Cardona – who will be taking part in the show with […]


The Devil’s Advocate

Dissett Reno Bugeja

 Photography by Fotoclassic.   Come talk of elections, current affairs/discussion shows come to the forefront again. Reno Bugeja, PBS journalist and host of the weekly Dissett, is very familiar with the frenzy that is created when a strong political wave hits our island. After all, he has been presenting Dissett for over three years: his […]


Kantilena: The sound of contemporary folk


Maltese folk is back in the spotlight, albeit with a twist as Kantilena are set to debut their latest singles this weekend. I met up with Sandro Lia, Drinu Camilleri and James Baldacchino, the brains behind the outfit. You could say that all three founding members of Kantilena have folk on their minds. Take violinist […]


Tele-Monkey: interview with creator Martin Bonniċi


March will see Tele-Monkey, a locally produced short movie in Stereoscopic 3D animation, hit our cinema screens. As the trailer is making waves across social media networks, I met up with film-maker Martin Bonniċi, the brains behind the whole project. Meet Joe. His obsession is to understand the meaning behind the advertising and TV-shopping that […]


Ritty Tacsum photography – somewhat surreal, somewhat strange

Ritty Tacsum 2

Slightly disturbing, visually entrancing and definitely different, Ritty Tacsum’s photography touches a raw nerve with the viewer. I met up with the artiste to discuss her current exhibition, Ritty Tacsum and Her Humanoids. Describing this lady’s photography is not an easy thing. You can say it’s about real life… but to paraphrase Dr. Spock, it’s […]