Their journey through their eyes


This review was first published on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section.  It’s all in the eyes. A cliche? Maybe, but it sure describes the essence of Darrin Zammit Lupi’s photography publication, Isle Landers. Eyes that look haunted, scared, relieved, excited… eyes that make us live a thousand lives. The lives of those who […]


Prompting involuntary memories

The entry of Charles Balzan’s art into the public consciousness couldn’t have been more successful with his winning entry for /ru:t/ leaving a definite mark. I interviewed him to find out more. This interview first appeared on the Sunday Times of Malta’s Culture section.  When the winner of /ru:t/, a collective exhibition to commemorate the 10th […]


VIVA ż-Żieme


Super excited this morning to see tons of people taking shots of Austin Camilleri’s sculpture for VIVA, Malta’s first contemporary art festival. Titled Żieme.  it will be officially launched, together with JP Azzopardi’s Power Exchange and Victor Agius’s Genesis, this weekend. You can view Żieme as you walk inside Valletta. Also, make sure you get […]


Xebgħa Nies, Xebgħa Coolness

photo 2

Coolness, yeah it’s not even a word real people use, I know. So, one of the benefits of working in Valletta is that during my lunch hour I get to do fun things. Such as visiting exhibitions, which is a great thing as I always manage to miss the openings. The one that has been […]


Review: Two Heads and a City

The City is pretty and so are u

From the crazy kitsch to the downright thrashy, Nadine Noko’s exhibition, Two Heads and a City, brings Valletta to life. I have always been a fan of Nadine Noko’s intriguingly quirky designs. I approached her solo exhibition at The Splendid, however, with an extra dose of anticipation. As part of the title itself, Two Heads […]


Ritty Tacsum’s Four Rooms

4 roomw

  Experimental photographer RITTY TACSUM is translating the essence of our humanity into a weird and wonderful visual journey in her upcoming project. Much as a house is made up of different rooms, so is our very being. This might be an overly-simplistic way to describe the concept behind experimental photographer Ritty Tacsum’s upcoming visual […]


Pasmore’s works at the Fine Arts Museum

Pasmore resized

An edited version of this interview was published on The Sunday Times. Photography by Chris Sant Fournier. When the family of abstract art pioneer Victor Pasmore asked the Museum of Fine Arts to restore two of the artist’s works, no one predicted that the pieces would be donated to the national collection. Modern and contemporary […]


Wicc imb Wicc exhibition

Asa Riton

  The creator becomes the subject as 10 artists come together for Wiċċ imb Wiċċ – images of the self, a Malta Arts Festival exhibition that focuses on self-portraits. Interview with curator Austin Camilleri. An edited version of this interview appeared on The Sunday Times. Translating your own essential identity onto an artistic medium is […]


Photographic exhibition: Call Your Girlfriend

CYG 04

It is rather ironic that I try to convince you to get yourselves to this beautiful photographic exhibition by using my, erm, less than memorable photography. But I really enjoyed Matthew Attard Navarro’s solo exhibition so I’m trusting that if he sees this he will forgive me.  It’s not easy to pull of an exhibition […]


Murder and art in Valletta: the Hotel Splendid


Maybe it’s because I grew up in Valletta or maybe it’s just the morbidly fascinating murder story that’s tied to it…whatever the reason, the Splendid in Strait Street is another one of those abandoned buildings that gets my antennae twitching. Well, abandoned no more. The old hotel has now been taken over by (I believe) […]