The ire for Ira

We must be a super-bored nation if Ira Losco’s dress from last Saturday is still getting column inches.

I’m going to take up some bandwidth myself, before hoping that everyone shuts up about it.

Not about the dress, because I couldn’t care less, but about the annoying way that people are using it to discredit her recent condemnation of the (male) culprits in the naked selfies saga.

Yes, it’s one of them feminist posts.

Condemnation on social media sites flowed fast.

Basta, she condemns the naked selfies.”

Umbagħad nitkellmu fuq in naked selfies, trid iddaħħaq.”

These two examples give the gist of the general sentiment. Which just goes to show that logic is not our nation’s forte.

Ira’s condemnation is more powerful precisely of who she is and what she chooses to wear.

Her words of warning are likely to hold more sway, precisely because it is not some prim and proper matron who voices them. Mainstream teens file Ira under ‘cool’ – whatever that means – and thus won’t automatically roll their eyes at her words.

Ira’s words and choice of dress portray a woman in control of her own image. A woman who is not afraid of her sexuality, but is clever enough not to allow it to be used as a weapon against her.

The singer is not a naive teenager who is clueless about the fact that her image will be circulated. She actually WANTS it to be circulated, it is part of her PR strategy.

And please don’t throw the fanatic feminists’ bible at me. Too many women are all too ready to do a and dictate what is ok and what is not for women to wear.

Ira Losco does not inhabit the same world the rest of us do. Wearing that dress, or even posing nude if she is thus inclined, will not ruin her life.

An anonymous 16-year-old who does exactly the same thing is not in the same boat. And the sooner the Facebook generation learns to make the distinction between showbiz and real life, the better.

Or are we to actually encourage the sort of dumb mentality where teens copy what they see on telly and then blame “the stars”?

Oh and incidentally, green is a colour that doesn’t sit well on most people. The woman looked stunning. Full stop.

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