Clandestines are back

ClandestinesWith a bang. And some lipstick. And one hell of a video for the first pumping track off the new album, Saturday as Usual.

The video is pure fun, in typical Clandestines spirit. It is a hilarious send up of the usual teenage angst videos, with all the usual clichés of the misunderstood teenager, and you know what? It works.

The (ahem) twist ending almost made me spill my coffee. Almost, but not quite, ‘cos wasting coffee is never a good thing. I won’t say anything more except that our hero is called Jasper Ramone. Ahem.

As for the track, it is still very much signature Clandestines, with the important difference that it seems the band is finally giving more weight to the vocals. The guitars are still strong and the whole sound is as edgy as ever, but the end result sounds way more polished than the earlier offerings. I will let you judge for yourselves.

Ladies & Gents, welcome to Serbian Dog.


The launch of Saturday as Usual is happening on December 6 at Beachaven – find all details here.