5 reasons you have to go to Xtruppakawi

1. They averted the rise of the robots with a lethal mix of vulgar vocals and questionable costumes. A triumph few fans are aware of, as the two bands are known for their crippling shyness and modesty. To date, many remain under the impression that The Flaming Lips’ Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots is a beautiful and deep allegory about a sick girl battling cancer. It’s not. It’s all about how Xtruppaw and Fakawi master-minded the rise against the machines.


The mascot during the 2 bands’ Great Uprising Against the ‘Bots.

2. They are big on public conscience and social responsibility. Last summer, Xtruppaw’s high-profile public campaign about the importance of using sunblock and wearing skimpy, white bikinis to deflect the heat was fronted by singer Noel Cuschieri. It proved a massive success, saving 1000s of office workers from that silent killer known as boredom.

sunscreen campaign

Xtruppaw show the benefits of sunblock & white bikinis, in a nation-wide campaign.

3. In a world of meaningless atheism, they will help you rediscover your faith. Xtruppaw’s educational video, Frutsalad, was reportedly responsible for several lonely members of the male species finding their faith, after years of emptiness in their souls. In fact, upon laying eyes on the video’s protagonist, men across Malta were heard offering prayer in one voice “YES, OH GOD YES”.


We’re not sure why this is on the Xtruppaw Facebook page, but we are going to assume it’s because faith manifests in mysterious ways.

4. They were also the inspiration behind Tarantino’s cult hit Kill Bill. Although most critics viewed the two films as a particularly strongly-worded cautionary tale against pissing off your ex girlfriend, this was because they failed to recognize the subtle subtext. It’s really about that time Fakawi’s Paul Borg Bonaci decided to single-handedly take on the Maltese mafia with a selection of 70s bell bottoms and bad wigs.


Taking on the Maltese mafia.

5. They were also the brains behind a covert mission to stop Arab oil sheik Muftah al Sedrek from diverting Malta’s oil quota to his mistress’s ‘Bag a Boob’ fund. Currently, Fakawi are coaching MI5 specialists in the art of subtle persuasion – after witnessing Borg Bonaci’s hardcore interrogation technique, two officials resigned in favour of a life tending donkeys in Tibet.


Fakawi take their oil negotiations seriously.

And now, for the real reasons.

In best Xtruppaw and Fakawi tradition, it’s going to be one hell of a party. There will be loud music, dodgy lyrics, moshing aplenty and booze aplentier. Oh yeah, and there will also be costumes. For a taster of what to expect, read my old reviews here.

Cosa vuoi di piu dalla vita??

Date: Saturday, November 16

Venue: City Theatre, Valletta

More info: Xtruppakawi’s Facebook page.

Tickets:€12 from
1. www.ticketline.com.mt

2. Chain Tickets Malta – Mob: 9901 1264 (FREE DELIVERY)

3. Eduline – Birkirkara

4. Phonebox – Sliema / San Gwann

5. Le Bureau – Msida (Ħdejn il-Junior College)