Highlights from Malta Comic-Con so far…

It only kicked off this morning but the vibe is already awesome.

My highlights from the Con so far…

Joseph Bugeja working on a strictly for charity piece (proceeds to go towards animal shelter of the buyer’s choice)

Herb Trimpe’s infectious smile and the way he just chats and chats merrily away

The hipster chronicles, aka Vincent Fournier’s A Space Boy Dream


The enthusiastic crowd gathered around the WARS (War-Gaming and Role-Playing Society) section

The second volume of Pilot – this year 9 artists have collaborated on the anthology

Will Love Tear Us Apart – a game, set to be launched in March, that is based on yes Joy Division’s signature single

The sheer amount of Maltese artists taking part and the promise of tons of locally produced comic book launches in the upcoming months

Tim Perkins working on his upcoming World’s End Vol 2

Dean Fenech’s Apocalypse Rocked accompanied by Motorhead’s Ace of Spades as soundtracks while I was there

Peter Magro’s and Ashley Eric Peschel’s upcoming Steam: Island Under Siege, based in 1942 Malta and combining war with the supernatural.


Sanctuary’s Edge, the first properly produced role-playing setting created by fellow Maltesers.

Fabio Giangolini’s For Gallantry, with a terrorist plot set in Malta at its centre.

The massive & packed gaming area, and much, much more. Enjoy the pix, but there’s a lot more to see if you actually visit in person… including what promises to be a fun Cosplay competition.


The event runs today and tomorrow at St James Cavalier, Valletta. For more info click the official site here.