Nil by Mouth Sessions II


It’s happening, it’s official, Hairyamp have released the official line-up for the second edition of the Nil by Mouth festival, which will hit us on October 5 and 6 and V-Gen, Paceville. The first edition, as you’ll recall, was one hell of a music weekend, with Italian post-rock outfit Eimog and Scottish wonderboys Discopolis headlining along with top Maltese names like Stalko, the infamous Lumiere two-off reunion, Dolls for Idols and Areola Treat.

It was a blast. And we expect nothing less from the second edition, particularly now that the line-up has been announced. Ladies & gents of good taste, get ready for:

Esben & The Witch – “Morbidly transfixing” (Pitchfork); “an ominous build-up of tension” (The Guardian); “akin to entering a Ye Olde English fairy tale” (NME). Does it get more intriguing? The Brighton trio are reputed to deliver straight gothic without the cheese.

Tall Ships – “Jaw dropping live shows” (Goldflakepaint); “all epic” (Alter The Press); “cool rock, perfect sound” (

Joe Gideon & The Shark – yep, we’re finally getting to see these guys live, after their May performance had to be rescheduled due to a las-minute band emergency. Pure poetry set to music…

Carrie Haber – It’s rare that we get to see this London-based fellow Maltese on her hometurf. Make the most of it because the lady is going some serious places. Dramatic, dark and quirky.

The Areola Treat  – Have you ever been disappointed by an Areola gig? Thought not.

The Violent Violets – Never caught these live but judging by the enthusiastic response to their gigs, it’s going to be a good one.

Enough talk, more music. There’s a Youtube playlist including 3 tracks from each band here – enjoy!



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