Licence to breed

Well, it must certainly have been an eventful day for Marija Hammett and her PM-shadowing schedule. Given all the drama heading our way from Parliament earlier this week, I’ll bet you anything that the prime minister must have ever so slightly regretted agreeing to carry out the spin exercise on this particular day.

Those of you expecting me to go into the JPO/JM saga will be disappointed. I’m getting bored with the whole thing, quite frankly. Motions for the resignation of X or Y have become rather like the proverbial tray of cheesecakes and have (shamefully) lost the significance that they had in other times. Which doesn’t say much about those responsible for bringing them forth.

But that’s by the by. I actually wanted to write about the proposal that earnt Mrs Hammett her day with Dr Gonzi: “parents should be given greater assistance in the upbringing of their children through compulsory parenting skills for couples”.

The proposal created havoc across social media. Some called it stupid. Others called it arrogant, a waste of time, a denial of parental rights and plenty other names. What utter hogwash. The idea needs refining, of course, but then again providing a logistically perfect and fully-functional framework probably was not part of the competition rules, so let’s cut Mrs Hammett a bit of slack here.

Rather understandably, the loudest sniggers emanated from parents who are probably doing a pretty good job raising their kids without any state interference (I can write this because I happen to be acquainted with some of them).

Well, I’m sorry folks but you really shouldn’t be the ones to talk – just because you are doing well at raising Junior into a well-adjusted and (hopefully) well-behaved citizen, it doesn’t mean that the rest of Malta is necessarily following suit.

A hefty percentage of the population does need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to children’s discipline, motivation, manners and the like. If you think I’m exaggerating, all you need to do is look around you.

I know I’ve already written about all this, but it’s not just children with no concept of basic manners that are cause for concern. Yes, there are many of them, and yes rude children grow into rude adults… but there’s more to it.

For starters, there are all the stressed out parents who have no clue how to discipline their children and who alternate between spoiling them shamelessly and yelling out “inkissirlek snienek” (I’ll break your teeth) when their kid makes a fool of them in public. I’m sure that’s not found anywhere on the parenting manual.

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  1. KatZ says:

    Some parents are of a strange opinion that “Saying “NO” to a child limits the child’s development. Children have to learn what is wrong and what is right on their own”. Some parents are just plain lazy… and some just think they are the smartest of them all.
    You are totally right, parents that are already doing great job raising their children, should not be forced to comply to whatever governmental rules someone is trying to enforce. However they are also the once who are paying the attention to these rules. The crappy parents live in their bubble and consider themselves being perfect.