Remember this one? Alternative Malta CD

I had an itsybitsy inkling that many of you will get a bit of a kick out of this one. Which of you people still have their Alternative Malta CD?

I never had a copy, until yesterday “Gail, Stuart Murdoch’sPotential Wifey” (that nick is fooling no-one, lady) landed her copy nonchalantly in front of me. So it’s nostalgia time :)

I want to know your stories.

Which track evokes the strongest memories?

Which band was/is your favourite and why?

In my case, Lumiere and Hunter’s Palace take top spot. Together with Xtruppaw, despite the fact that Diska Cool Ghar-Radio is my second least favourite Xtruppaw song.

Ironically, it’s Diska Cool Ghar-Radio  that evokes the strongest memory response for me. Not because of  any particularly memorable gig, though there were those too, of course. But because this particular track  happened to be the one playing at the office when I announced that I was moving to pastures new after some 8 long years editing a magazine called Sunday Circle.

For a while, it was the song of freedom.

So – I’ve told you mine. Now tell me yours.

Ps – thank you, Stuart Murdoch’s Potential Wifey!

The tracks

Lumiere, Remembrance of lovers past

BNI, Inertia

Beangrowers, I Like You

Adolf, Is this the end

Spooky Monkey, Supersonic Warfare

Xtruppaw, Diska Cool ghar-radio

Hunter’s Palace, Mr Uncertain

Dripht, Guy on TV

John IQ and fuse, Glory

End of John, ditties for sissies

Andre Camiller, Emily

Corkskrew, Blind Spot

Iskandal, Como estas

Particle Blue, Weekend

Shostakovich, El hombre

Treeears, She must understand

Stilair, Push

Christian Galea, Curtain falls

The Suburbanite, Uncle Bob





  1. Gail (Stuart Murdoch's potential wifey) says:

    Hah! oh, my 15 minutes of fame! Well considering that, that compilation was created for Europavox 2006, I have to say the Beangrowers. They were performing there plus, I’m going through a Dance Dance Baby phase at the mo. It’s so disgustingly sexy, I need a shower afterwards……(must….keep….thoughts…….my….head)

    Followed by Lumiere cause let’s be honest, they’re absolutely brilliant at what they did (I’ll be brainwashing my colleagues with their album in the coming weeks) and Hunter’s Palace – That song evokes a certain sadness in me. Sigh….

    eh uwija, throw in End of John as well ghax they were the poshest boys around.

    All in all, nostalgia galore. I reminisce…