Yes’s a pile of poo indeed

It appears that the majority of our politicians have a disturbing lack of understanding of what befits their position and what, most certainly, doesn’t.

First we have our head of state packing up his bags and going off for a month in Peru on missionary work. If you’re wondering what is wrong with doing missionary work, the reply is “nothing”. On the contrary, it is a highly laudable endeavour. And that is exactly what the head of our country should be doing; lauding and encouraging such efforts, as opposed to actually taking part.

At least the intention behind the president’s gesture is good. I can’t really say the same about Minister for Health Joe Cassar’s recently discovered aversion to dog “poo”. Seriously, Mr Minister, with all the high priority issues related to your ministry, did you really figure that taking a photo of a pile of crap on the beach is the best way to garner voter sympathy?

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